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Buffy, the blonde bombshell that was the revenge for all those blondes that die at the beginning of nearly every slasher film was a massive hit of the later '90s and early '00s. Filled with action, comedy and an all-star cast, the show created a fierce, sassy fan following that is still growing to this day.

However, times were not always great for the cast of Buffy, as they would bring audiences to tears with some of the most painful moments a character can experience. In this article we will look back at 5 times when fans flooded their living rooms with tears and felt the heartache of the characters.

1. The Cursed Love

Angel and Buffy
Angel and Buffy

During Season 2, fans witnessed Buffy taking her first steps towards adulthood — dealing with past issues, forming stronger relationships with her friends and having her first serious boyfriend. The only problem was: She was a vampire slayer and he was a cursed vampire given a soul through a gypsy curse. The pair never allowed this to get in their way, and she did what many young women do:

After the pair made love, Angel experienced the one thing he was forbidden — a moment of pure happiness. This resulted in him loosing his soul and returning to his evil vampire persona of Angelus. Bent on destroying everything about Buffy's life, he set out after the heartbroken slayer. Giving up all hope of her love ever returning, Buffy faced Angelus ready to do what was needed to save the world.

Unknown to Buffy, her best friend Willow was attempting to restore Angel's soul, save the world and spare her best friend from any more pain. The good news: Willow succeeding in restoring Angel's soul. The bad news: It was too late and the world was about to end.

This left Buffy with only one option: Kill her love to save everyone. Heartbroken, the slayer leaves town, her friends unsure of what happened during the pair's final battle.

2. Do You Hear Wedding Bells?

Xander and Anya
Xander and Anya

What do you get when you put an awkward teenage boy and a 1000 year old ex-demon together? A highly comical couple to give you laughs. Xander and Anya were a couple that had many highs and lows, but their love never wavered, regardless of who had opinions on their relationship. Xander guided Anya in her new path as a human after smiting disloyal men for a 1000 years as a vengeance demon. All looked like marital bliss was set to bloom once Xander popped the question and Anya planned her dream wedding.

The only problem was Anya's past returned to give her a taste of her own old medicine, and aimed to destroy their wedding. While the demon was killed, his plan worked, as Anya's world came crashing down in front of all her friends and loved ones.

She was so heartbroken her old boss even offered her the chance to be a vengeance demon once again.

3. Death Is Your Gift

Buffy and Dawn
Buffy and Dawn

Suddenly, Buffy had a younger sister called Dawn. This changed events throughout the show's already existing history, leaving fans clueless as to how this event had happened. It was eventually revealed that Dawn was a mystical key with the power to break down the barriers between the dimensions. The reason for her being sent to the slayer for protection was because the evil God Glorificus needed the key to allow her to return to her own demon dimension. The ritual required for the key to be bled, which would break down the barriers. Once the key's blood stopped flowing, the barriers would return.

Glorificus succeeded in activating the key, but Buffy remembered words given to her by the key-making monks and the original slayer. With the powerful bond of sisterhood Buffy proved she would go to the ultimate lengths to save her sister. As Dawn was made directly from Buffy's blood, Buffy's death could save her sister. Without hesitation, fans witnessed Buffy say goodbye and leap to her death, saving them all.

4. A Love That Could End The World

Tara and Willow
Tara and Willow

Perhaps the most-loved couple throughout all of Buffy is the love story between Willow and Tara. The pair had what seemed like a perfect relationship, until Willow began abusing magics. Tara, left with no other option, left Willow after she attempted to use magic to fix the problems in their relationship.

Going off the deep end, Willow eventually vowed to give up magic for good. After going through withdraw and making some adjustments to her life, Tara saw that she was trying. The pair filled rooms with cheers as viewers watched them reconcile and become a couple once again.

However, tragedy struck shortly after as Warren attempted to shoot Buffy in the garden. Wildly shooting off several rounds before running, he succeed in shooting Buffy. Warren harmed more than he intended, as the final bullet flew through Willow and Tara's bedroom window. The bullet hit Tara from behind, splattering blood across Willow.

Unaware of what had just happened, Tara simply says to Willow: "Your shirt?" before falling to the floor. Heartbroken (having lost her love), Willow instantly resorts to the black arts and is ready to destroy the world in her grief.

5. Mommy

Joyce Summers
Joyce Summers

Buffy's mother probably holds the top spot for the moment that had most fans in tears. During Season 5 Joyce battles a brain tumor. This forced Buffy to face an issue that she was powerless to change. Luckily for Buffy, her mother succeeded in beating cancer and made a recovery. All seemed back on track until a few episodes later, when Buffy returns home and finds her mother lifeless on the couch. Distraught, she does all she can, but it is too late — her mother is pronounced dead by the paramedics.

Buffy telling Dawn the news their mother is dead and Giles being the strong figure they all need through this challenging time. The reason this episode was so powerful was thanks to creator Joss Wheddon's one simple trick: The episode has no background music at all. He wanted viewers to feel the awkward silences and the tension that the characters were feeling. This is then compounded further by the fact the episode reflects a real-life moment from Joss's own life.

What was the saddest moment of 'Buffy' for you? Do you have another that was not mentioned in this article?


Which was your saddest moment?


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