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If you didn't hear the news about the production of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, then it may sadden you to hear that production on the film was halted indefinitely due to Dylan O'Brien suffering major injuries on set. Well 2 months later, and we know that Dylan is recovering nicely, but what does that mean for highly anticipated third film in the Maze Runner series?

It's a waiting game now

Yup, now we wait. Fox Studios was hoping to begin production again this month, but it looks like that's not happening; at least not yet. Fox has confirmed that things are a little more complicated than expected and because of that, the release date has been pushed back until January 12, 2018. That's almost a full year after it's initial anticipated release date.

Considering how extensive the accident was, it's no surprise that Dylan is taking as much recovery time as he can.

Dylan's got good news though

Even though the production has halted on Maze Runner: The Death Cure, it's been mentioned that Dylan is in talks to star opposite Michael Keaton in the highly anticipated Vince Flynn adaptation, American Assassin.

American Assassin follows the story of a young black ops recruit, Mitch Rapp, who is assigned to a badass Cold War veteran, Stan Kurley, who teaches the young recruit everything he needs to know. Michael Keaton has been confirmed to play Kurley, and Dylan is currently in the running to play Rapp. Even if he doesn't get the role, the fact that he is in talks to take the role is a major accomplishment for Dylan O'Brien.

This could be incredibly huge for Dylan, to be such a young actor and have two action series associated with his name. It would firmly plant him among the greats of Hollywood.


Which would you be more excited for?


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