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The next big Pixar film, Finding Dory, is hitting theaters in only a couple of weeks. Releasing across the US on June 17th, fans will once again fall in love with Dory, Nemo, and the rest of the school of fish. It has been 13 years since the release of Finding Nemo, which is the third most successful Pixar movie to date (behind Toy Story 3 and Inside Out). Finding Nemo grossed 340 million dollars domestically and over 935 million dollars worldwide!

A clown fish swimming in a coral reef
A clown fish swimming in a coral reef

The success of the film did not just increase the sale of Finding Nemo merchandise but clown fish sales themselves. After the film's release, the demand for clown fish became immense and clownfish sales increased a staggering 40 percent. Some scientists were heavily concerned that the population of the clownfish would be severely diminish if too many were caught in the wild. However, a method to breed clownfish in captivity was quickly figured out, reducing the impact of clownfish being taken from coral reefs and in the wild in general. This helped keep up with the demand and keeping the species from becoming endangered.

Therefore, after the release of Finding Dory, the demand for blue tang fish will most likely increase and sales will shoot up. You would think that scientists will able to find a way to breed blue tang fish in captivity, similar to the clownfish. However, it is far from that.

Scientists Are Facing Major Problems With Breeding Blue Tang Fish in Captivity

Dory is a Blue Tang fish and scientists are not ready for what is about to come. Finding Dory hits theaters in less than a month and scientists have not been successful breeding them in captivity. Researchers are predicting that the plea for Blue Tang fish will be higher than it was for clown fish after the release of Finding Nemo back in 2003. If that does happen, it could be catastrophic to the Blue Tang species, and a new petition is asking Disney to take steps to ensure that doesn't happen.

Petition Created To Convince Disney To Tell Movie Viewers To Not Buy Blue Tang Fish

Kelsey Bourgeois created a petition "Disney: tell fans to find Dory, not buy her." All the petition requests is for Disney and Pixar to add a simple PSA ad before the film begins to ask viewers not to adopt Blue Tang fish like Dory. It points out that Clownfish and Blue Tang fish don't make the transitions from ocean to captivity all that well, especially Blue Tang fish. They are exotic fish who are meant to be kept in the wild. A lot of the times when they are transferred into captivity, a good percentage of the fish they catch do not end up surviving. If the same demand for Blue Tang fish occurs as it did with the Clownfish, Bourgeois says that: "the Blue Tang population will become extremely threatened. Even worse, researchers would have no way to repair the loss with captive breeding."

Supporting the Cause

Most of the time petitions are made, they are usually for greedy, unrealistic, and ridiculous fan needs such as "Give Elsa a Girlfriend" or "Kick Zach Snyder off Of Justice League." However, this is a real world problem. Most of the time, the articles I write here on Movie Pilot are for entertainment purposes, but this is the real world. Do I support the cause? Yes, this is a rare instance where I agree and have signed a petition in a very long time. If you believe in the cause or you just want to check out the petition, which gained almost 100,000 signatures, click here.

Do YOU support the cause? Tell me below!


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