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Now that Captain America: Civil War has been in theaters for a while, the curtain is finally being peeled back on the production. We've seen the green-screen filming, set photos, and listened to various interviews, but now we get to take a look at the art behind the movie. Although there's been a ton of it already released, this wave (created by Maciej Kuciara) isn't a photo of a book.

Take a look at the high quality artwork below!

The Opening Act

In what was one of the greatest scenes in the movie, Scarlet Witch uses her powers to help Cap jump three stories. It was great to see on screen, and just as great to see in concept art. The only difference between the photo and the scene is Wanda's costume. The movie has her wearing a low-profile green jacket, as opposed to her red Avengers outfit.

Tony Entering The Raft

Although Tony always used a helicopter when going to and from the Raft, this bit of concept art shows the Armored Avenger making a stylish entrance in his crimson suit. The first piece shows the water where the Raft is, with the second and third showing it rising up and opening. The fourth doesn't follow the same pattern, but instead is a closer look at Tony lowering himself into the sea-based prison.

Head over here to learn more about the Raft and the politics of Civil War.

The HYDRA Base

The look of the HYDRA base was almost identical in the movie, looking more like a plateau than the headquarters for a Nazi splinter group. There also appears to be less snow in the artwork, but that's probably just to show what the terrain looks like.

Zemo In The HYDRA Base

We get a closer look at Zemo waiting in the HYDRA base here, looking far more sinister than usual. The devilish look, menacing position, and 32 computer screens make Helmut Zemo look less like a grieving father and more like a calculating foe (a balance the movie struck quite well).

Tony Arrives At The HYDRA Base (From Cap and Bucky's Perspective)

Once again, the movie deviated from the artwork here. In the film, Tony met up with Bucky and Steve before entering this part of the HYDRA base. It's not like anyone's complaining though, since this looks a lot cooler. Interestingly enough, Zemo and the other Winter Soldiers are nowhere to be seen.

Tony Arrives At The Hydra Base (From Tony's Perspective)

Like I said, Tony seems to be the focus in this wave of concept art. If he's not the focus in the shot, there'll be one (in the same place) where he is. Still no Zemo and Winter Soldiers, though.

Iron Man Vs. Captain America

The climactic battle didn't have much blocking the fight from our view, but this concept art shows a ton of dust blowing around. It's almost impossible to see Captain America behind all of it. That probably makes it difficult for Tony to locate Cap (and gives him a fighting chance). Thankfully, they toned down the interference in the movie, because there's nothing worse than a major fight where we can't see anything.

Captain America Vs. Iron Man

At the climax of the climactic fight, Steve is brutally assaulting a weakened Tony. Some key things to notice in the photo: Tony is pushed as the victim, with an open hand, maskless face, and laying on his back. Meanwhile, Cap looks like a villain with aggressive body language and a reared back fist. No Ultron face for Tony in this concept art.

Black Panther Confronts Zemo

One of the most interesting scenes in the movie features Black Panther (played masterfully by Chadwick Boseman) stopping Zemo from committing suicide. Once again, the scene is almost identical to the movie's, but with different lighting and less snow.

What do you think of this Civil War concept art? Do you prefer the older pieces?


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