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Just a quick warning, this does contain spoilers for The Flash season 2 and Legends of Tomorrow season 1.

The Flash ended recently and now we are left wondering what will Flash's actions change? As most comic book readers know, Flash's actions in the season finale is the set up for the comic book event called "Flashpoint". The question that we should be asking, when dealing with this universe is, should the characters from DC's Legends of Tomorrow get involved with The Flash?

In the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter mentions that someone needs to take care of the timeline, in other words become the new Time Masters. He believes that he and his team are the best suited for that job. In The Flash season finale, Flash goes back in time and saves his mother. This action will cause the future timeline to change in a major way. For example, this change could be that without Flash's mother being killed, Berry Allen would not have a reason to work in forensics. This could cause Berry to not be exposed to the certain chemicals while being stuck by lighting, which turned him into the Flash. Without Flash, the world might be too big for Arrow/Green Arrow to handle. This also could cause less heroes to appear in Arrow. With this change, there might not be any heroes left. Without heroes the bad guys win, thus changing the future timeline. With the timeline being damaged, a job for the new Time Masters has been created. Will they do their job and protect the timeline? Only time will tell.

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Should Rip and his team save the timeline from Flash?


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