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With the impending arrival of the new Beauty and the Beast, it's a good time to address a couple of small things about the original!

Please fix THAT glaring plot hole

At the beginning of the movie, we find out a little about this rose:

For one, it will bloom until the prince's 21st year; after that, the beast stays a beast. Well, in the song “Be Our Guest,” Lumiere sings “ten years we've been rusting.”

So, the prince is 11 years old when the Enchantress, a.k.a. the mean old witch, comes to the door acting like a poor old lady who needs a place to rest. When he doesn't let her in, acting like a good boy should (stranger danger!), she gets mad and turns his entire castle into a nightmare, where all the inanimate objects have come alive with the sound of music!

Oops, wrong movie.

The witch goes nuts because she sees how dark and without love the prince's heart is, but what I see is a kid minding his parents' orders and not letting weirdos in the house. But whatever. The real plot hole here is the whole age thing. Take this portrait scene for example, in both the original animated and the live action movie:

If the prince was 11 when he was turned, then who the heck is in the portrait Belle is looking at? It sure isn't an 11 year old. It looks exactly like the prince after he's transformed:

I know, sometimes moviemakers just don't sweat the petty stuff like really important details, but if Emma Watson is going to be petting the sweaty stuff...the sweaty stuff being the beast, then they probably ought to address this. Or at least throw in a little time-travelling side story!

And please include THAT scene!

And while they're fixing this glaring plot hole, why not include the part where the witch turns the prince into the beast and all his servants into stuff and things?

Originally, we were actually supposed to see this scene! The enchantress was going to chase the prince around, trying to zap him. She kept missing and hitting his servants! Finally, she got him. The sequence was taken out, partially because of the age-related plot hole. Kirk Wise would later say, “The only thing that I could see in my head was this Eddie Munster kid in a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit.”

Fixed plot holes and added scenes or not, be prepared to be our guest next year on March 17!


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