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Last week, we were all thrilled about John Carpenter coming back to the HALLOWEEN franchise as the Executive Producer and Creative Consultant! He'll join Jason Blum and the BLUMHOUSE team to create a new HALLOWEEN film series.

But what will a "NEW" HALLOWEEN look like? Will it be a continuation of the original story, or something completely different?

I'm down for whatever the Master of Horror has for us, however there are a few things I hope to see in the new film series.

The Samhain Curse

In the 1979 novelization of the movie, we learned about the curse of Samhain and how it transformed Michael Myers into a killing machine. In HALLOWEEN 6, it was called, the Curse of Thorn. Both curses have a Celtic/Druid element to them which is freaking awesome! It would be interesting to explore that curse and see how it could affect someone new. Or, if they want to continue the original story, the protagonists could learn more about the curse in order to stop Michael.

The Myers

The Myers family has been the base of the HALLOWEEN films. According to the resource material, Michael wasn't the first. Other members of the Myers family were cursed and did horrible things over time. Perhaps looking into the family history could provide some interesting storytelling.

And speaking of family...

A Family Reunion

It could be amazing if this new project reconnected the Myers family. Imagine if we could see Laurie's son, John Tate and Jamie Lloyd's child, maybe even some of the Strodes, like Danny from HALLOWEEN 6. They could team up to solve this blood curse that has been haunting their family for over four decades.

Laurie Strode

This could be a minority opinion, but Laurie Strode should be in this film. Her role could be key to continuing the classic storyline. She died in HALLOWEEN 7, but let's be honest, H7 is like X-MEN: THE LAST STAND. It can be erased and no one would give two fu*ks about it. So, if she returns, I'm sure fans would be excited to see her again.

Smith's Grove Sanitarium

There's some sinister about this place. After murdering his sister, Michael was sent to there to be monitored. However, strange deaths and incidents happened while Michael was at the sanitarium. Some of these incidents were obviously Michael's doing, but the other incidents remain a mystery. In HALLOWEEN 6, we learned that the sanitarium was used for cult activities. Basically, this place harbors a lot of secrets that could be fun to unpack.

The Shape himself, Michael Myers

Can we have a HALLOWEEN film without Michael? Yes, we could, but it wouldn't be as great. Michael is a fantastic character to explore because we only know so much about him. Is he a zombie, a victim of an ancient curse, or an ultimate weapon? In this new film, we could finally understand the true driving force within Michael. Hopefully, this film will get into those frightening aspects we love about the silent killing machine.

Something New

John Carpenter and Co. could go into a totally wild direction with this film. It's highly possible that new characters are brought on to continue the story. HALLOWEEN doesn't have to be about the serial killer who stalks his family. This film could be on a whole different level. Something we'll be talking about for years to come.

Like many of you, I'm excited to see the finished product. HALLOWEEN is an iconic film that has kept our attention for over 30 years. And with John's involvement, I think we won't be disappointed.

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