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When you hear the name "James Bond" what actor leaps to your mind? Sean Connery? Pierce Brosnan? Daniel Craig? Well, how about Tom Hiddleston? That's right, Loki is in talks to take over the mantle of Britain's 007. But, my question is, would Hiddleston truly be a good fit for the role of the world's greatest secret agent? I say that Hiddleston would fit perfectly in that universe, but not as MI6's top operative. I say that if you're going to cast him in a Bond film, make him the villain! Some of the same qualities that people are citing as reasons for him to portray Bond are needed to make a truly memorable and iconic villain, especially one in the spirit of the original James Bond adventures.

A true villain has style

"I look awesome."
"I look awesome."

All iconic villains have a unique style. A sharp suit is the perfect way to remind people that you are in charge, but you don't need to flaunt your opulence. Hiddleston can pull off the look of a sophisticated and worldly supervillain without even breaking a sweat.

True villains have a dry, sarcastic wit

Three cheers for sarcasm!
Three cheers for sarcasm!

If you need any proof that Tom Hiddleston is the king of sarcasm, go rewatch literally any movie in which he plays Loki. Sometimes, it seems Loki has nothing but pure sarcasm running through his veins. Tom Hiddleston is basically what would happen if the sarcastic side of Tumblr became a human being.

A villain has a commanding presence

Tom Hiddleston dominates the screen, no matter who he's sharing it with. He has a presence about him that says in way few others can, "I'm in charge, and don't you forget it!" If this speech from 2012's The Avengers didn't send chills up your spine, you must be a psychopath.

Villains always have the coolest vehicles

I don't know what kind of vehicles Tom Hiddleston owns, but car companies know who to tap for their "Art of Villainy" marketing campaigns! Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong starred in a perfect mini mockumentary about why Hollywood loves a British villain.

All that's left to say after that is... "OH YES. IT'S GOOD TO BE BAD."

What do YOU think? Should Tom Hiddleston be James Bond? Or should he portray a villain instead? Comment below!


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