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With X Men: Apocalypse just entering cinemas in the US and Wolverine 3 and Gambit set to release next year, the X Men Cinematic Universe is set to encounter some awesome and incredible new characters in the few coming years.

So in this article i will be counting down the 5 most important characters coming to the X Men universe. I will be considering them by a few factors: Impact on potential story lines, visuals potential, and most importantly, impact on the X Men.

But before we get started: spoiler alert! this article contains spoilers for some comic book stories as well as tiny X Men Apocalypse spoilers.

So without further ado: lets get into it!

Mr Sinister

Mr Sinister looking Sinister
Mr Sinister looking Sinister

Nathaniel Essex, AKA Mr Sinister, AKA Sinister, is a modified human who is obsessed with finding and creating the perfect Mutant gene. He is well known for being paired with Apocalypse and once fans heard that Apocalypse is coming to film, it was almost obvious that one of the next foes that the X Men will be facing will be non other than Mr Sinister himself.

We got further confirmation for his appearance in the end credit scene in X Men Apocalypse, where a team of suited man walk around the project X facility that was just obliterated by a raged Wolverine. The suited man walk to his containment cell and grab a blood sample of Wolverine. When they put it in the suitcase and snap it shut, we can see the label ESSEX on it, confirming Sinister's existence in the X Men Universe.

Mr Sinister is one of the most well known foes of the X Men, and seeing him on screen will be an amazing visual if done right. He needs to look sinister (yeah no shit) and they really need to make him a force to be reckoned with. Not only is he obsessed with Mutants in general, but he eventually realize that a mutant offspring from Jean Grey and Scott Summers will be extremely powerful and therefor creates a clone of Jean Grey called Madelyne Pryor, AKA the Goblin Queen, who eventually had a child with cyclops and grew to be another deadly foe for the X Men.

Confused? Its just comics!

Overall, Mr Sinister is one of the deadliest foes the X Men ever faced, and I am extremely excited to see what they do with his character.


X-23 looking fierce
X-23 looking fierce

If you don't know who X-23 is, than you really don't have to dig dip to understand. First of all, look at the picture above. What comes to mind? WOLVERINE! Also, her name is not X-23 for nothing. Laura Kinney, AKA X-23 is the weapon x experiment number 23 intended to replicate the genetic information from Logan into a new, improved version of it. This kick ass lady was a success, as not only does she have an amazingly good healing factor, she also has claws, ON HER LEGS! Like on her F***ing LEGS! how awesome is that?

Not only has she been *kinda* hinted at in the post credit scene of Apocalypse, but since Wolverine 3 is Huge Jackman's last movie as his infamous character, Fox might want to look no further than X-23 to replace him as the Wolverine.

X-23 as All New Wolverine
X-23 as All New Wolverine

Also, she has been a member of X Force, All New X Men, and holds many interactions with the rest of the X Men team which could make for some interesting film moments.

Also, the addition of Sinister could be a nice way to first introduce her to the big screen, with Sinister trying to duplicate Wolvie's gene, creating non other than X-23 herself.


Cable looking deadly
Cable looking deadly

As we all probably know, Nathan Summers AKA Cable has been hinted at in the end credit scene of Deadpool. Wait... You haven't watched Deadpool? Well, its your problem now. So Deadpool approached us personally from the screen and told us that the big screen performance of Cable will be with the release of Deadpool 2.

Not only is Cable Deadpool's worst friend, but he is actually very complicatedly linked to both Mr Sinister and Cyclops. But this is really complicated, so just bare with me.

So summarizing this short and sweet, remember that child that Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor had? Yeah, that was this guy. So after this, Mr Sinister wanted to use Cable to defeat his master Apocalypse, who soon found out and infected baby Nate with a deadly virus. Desperate, Cyclops sent Cable to the future with his future sister Rachael, who protected him from the virus. Eventually deciding to come back, Nate traveled back in time, now older than his father, to fight with the X Men and Lead the X Force.

So as you can probably understand, or not really understand, Cable is a very complicated character, and would be an extremely interesting character to see on screen.

If you would like to read more about Cable and his appearance, make sure to read my article How to Properly Introduce Cable in Deadpool 2!


Dazzler looking fly
Dazzler looking fly

So lets just discuss Alison Blaire AKA Dazzler for a minute. She has the ability to covert sound into light beams. She is also known to be an expert roller skater. Not the most impressive power set right? Actually, she can be quite powerful, as she can turn the sound into light to intense it can blind or even hurt a person.

She has been hinted at in a promotional photo for Apocalypse, and at one time even rumored to be played by Taylor Swift herself! That idea sound really cool, especially when you consider how visually entertaining this character can be.

The Dazzler promotional picture
The Dazzler promotional picture

Dazzler also features in Marvel's first all female team called the A-Force, and is involved in a few interesting story lines which could be really cool to see on film.


X-Force looking ready for battle
X-Force looking ready for battle

This team is just something special, and I think it will be a mistake to just have each character appear alone and not unite them as Marvel's deadliest black ops team. This team is speculated to be appearing in Deadpool 2, probably featuring the likes of Deadpool, Psylocke, Wolverine, Cable, Warpath, and maybe Domino and Archangel, but these are not the only characters I would like to see.

How cool would it be to see Forge, Colossus, Fantomex, and X-23 join this amazing team and grace out screen with an R rated bloody film which could honestly only be outmatched with the Avengers.

Not only is this team amazingly cool, but they are involved in some really sick story lines. Originally, they were created in order to save Professor X, but they eventually grew to face foes like Taskmaster, Daken, Typhoid Mary, and many more Marvel criminals.

So this is my opinion on the top 5 most important characters coming to the XMCU! Hoped you like this post and make sure to check out my profile for some other cool ones!


Which character are you most looking forward to seeing in the X Men Cinematic Universe?


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