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X-Men: Apocalypse is finally out and the reviews have been pouring. While the film has been receiving both positive and negative feedback, one thing has stayed the same for the last two X-Men installments. Which is that audiences (including myself) cannot get enough of Quicksilver. Evan Peters's portrayal of the speedster is completely unparalleled as he even trumped his MCU Quicksilver counterpart who was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. So I guess the question becomes what's more can the speedster do for the X-Men franchise? So that's why I'm throwing out that Fox should plan to release a Quicksilver solo film and narrowed my reasoning down to three main points.

1. Comedic Relief

Without a doubt every scene involving Quicksilver is a guaranteed laugh. The slow motion sequences in fact are so enjoyable that the rest of the movie often feels like a letdown. Not to mention that the scenes are also very enjoyable visual. It's fun to just sit back and imagine how awesome it would be to be so fast that the world around seemed to be standing still. If it seemed fun for five minutes of a movie, it really excites me to think about it throughout the entirety of a film. On a side note, the comedy in fact feels very much like a Deadpool type of movie. I mean obviously it's much cleaner but I could see those two working well in a film. The only real problem being their differences in eras.

2. Broaden The X-Men Cinematic Universe

A Quicksilver film would be another perfect to expand the X-Men cinematic universe. In a way, it would make them very similar to the MCU as they would now actually have a couple characters with their own films. This would also allow for the introduction of more villains and other characters without clogging them all up in other X-Men movies. As mentioned earlier, a film featuring Evan Peters's Quicksilver could turn out to be just like Deadpool. The only real difference is that Quicksilver's film would be more family friendly and could appeal more to the younger audience. Which would then be a way for Fox to gain more money. After all, I don't think they will continue to find much more money in the Fantastic Four if they decide they are going to keep those movies up. Fox could even through in some fellow X-Men into the film to help raise the attraction level and make the movie that much more awesome. Possibly they could even explore the relationship between him and Magneto. Since Magneto is his father (but doesn't know it yet) this would create an interesting dynamic for a film.

3. A B-List Character Film

Now it's debatable on whether or not Quicksilver is a B or C-list character in the comic book world, but either way he is not one of the more well knowns to the general public. I mean those who have seen the X-Men movies will know and enjoy him, but there would still be a lot of people who wouldn't know a thing about Quicksilver. I could potentially see this being the one big problem that would prevent Fox from giving the film the green light. Money is everything in the film industry as well all know. That aside, if they did decide to take a chance on Quicksilver the way they did with Deadpool, I think the reactions would be very positive. I would even go as far to say that the film would be groundbreaking, because it would truly be the first superhero film starring a less recognized character. In a way it would kind of be a nice relief for movies that star only mainstream superheroes. Although, I do understand it would be a pretty high risk for Fox to take.

That's all I have for now. Let me know what you all think down below about a potential Quicksilver movie.

X-Men: Apocalypse is now in theaters.


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