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Fox's new generation of X-Men may have been hard at work saving the Memorial Day weekend box office from total apocalypse, but it seems the days of future Alice movies may lie in the past after Disney's belated sequel limped to a crushing $30m opening. Overseas, Warcraft got off to a strong start in several major markets.

Let's take a more in-depth look at how the top performers did at the US and international box offices this weekend, and what that may mean for studios Fox, Disney and Legendary.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Last weekend, [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) matched Days of Future Past's international opening with a cool $101.5m. That movie made $91m in its opening weekend Stateside in 2014.

Apocalypse takes $65m this weekend. Why the drop-off? Well, for one thing Alice Through The Looking Glass may have stolen some eyes away from Professor X and his mutants, but looking at the Alice numbers, you'd have to say the impact was minimal. Reviews haven't been great, but those who saw Apocalypse gave it an A- Cinemascore, and it currently boasts a 7.5 on IMDb.

The more likely reason for the drop-off is superhero fatigue, with three huge movies in the genre already this year, and Civil War only three weeks old. Either way, $65m is a solid figure for Bryan Singer's flawed but highly entertaining trilogy-closer.

Apocalypse also made $55m internationally, holding the top spot in Brazil and the UK ahead of Alice, while also taking a huge $12m in Korea. It now stands at $250m made globally in two weeks, and should be looking at around $600m when all is said and done.

Is it a hit? Yes. It won't be as big as Days of Future Past, but for Fox this is no apocalypse. Expect the third trilogy to begin on schedule in 2018.

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Disney currently has the three biggest movies of 2016, but they'll need that looking glass to try and spot the minuscule box office earnings generated by their Alice in Wonderland sequel this Memorial Day weekend.

Stateside, Alice took a less than magical $28m between Friday and Sunday. To put that into cruel perspective, that's only $2.4m more than Fox's uber-bomb The Fantastic Four made in its opening weekend last year. The story gets worse still when you consider that Alice was made on a budget of $170m.

The movie fared a little better internationally, with $65m earned including a huge $27m from China, although in several markets it was beaten by either X-Men in its second weekend or the debut of Warcraft. Don't blame Johnny Depp's legal woes, the simple truth is that this is the sequel nobody asked for.

Is it a hit? No. Looking Glass might have a decent international run and make around $400m globally, but that will still leave Disney in the red and looking like mad hatters for taking so long to get this movie out there.


Predicting how video game movies will do at the box office can be a dangerous game, but Warcraft has successfully shaken off its critics to make an impressive $31.6m at the international box office.

The $160m fantasy epic from Duncan Jones was No. 1 in both Russia and Germany with $10m and $6m respectively, and also top in Denmark, Egypt, France and Switzerland among others. It opens in the UK this week, China on June 8 and in the US on Thursday June 10.

As well as being a strong indicator that Assassin's Creed could be huge later this year, Warcraft's early success serves as yet more proof that nobody really cares what the critics think — its terrible 37/100 score on Metacritic clearly hasn't done a thing to stop gamers from turning out to see if the movie did the game justice.

Is it a hit? For now. Hard to say how it will do until we have US and UK numbers, but expect north of $400m and maybe closer to half a billion in total.

Also this weekend, Captain America: Civil War passed $1.1bn and became the biggest movie of 2016 in the process. If you're a total geek for stats, read more here about how much money Marvel will actually make from Civil War.


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