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After a ton of cameos throughout Marvel films, Stan Lee somehow managed to top them all when he appeared in Deadpool as the MC in a strip club. The role was the perfect compliment to the R-rated film, and had fans agreeing that it was his best cameo yet.

However, when Lee was asked about the cameo during a panel appearance at MegaCon in Orange County this past weekend, he revealed the sad truth about filming the scene.

In a video posted by FANdemonium Network, Stan the Man was asked by an audience member for details on how long the filming of the Deadpool cameo took, and that's when he (somewhat reluctantly) revealed this:

"I don't know if I should tell you the truth about that cameo, it'll kill all your fun... I was not in the topless dancing place. I did that in a studio and then they put it into the movie, and I'm damn mad about that!"

Just like us, the audiences was surprised and disappointed on Stan the Man's behalf, responding with a chorus of "awws."

Check out the clip of the panel below, complete with an angry Stan Lee waving a fist!

I guess he never actually met the ironically named Chastity!

In the same panel, Lee also revealed that to keep the cameo tradition alive, he'll soon be traveling to the East Coat to shoot three cameos for three different films all at once! Stan the Man indeed!

Deadpool was released back in February and, despite being R-rated, managed to pull in a surprising $763.1 million worldwide. The film was made after leaked test footage starring Ryan Reynolds received overwhelming fan support, and a sequel is now in the works.

What is your favorite Stan Lee cameo?

Stan Lee's cameo in Deadpool
Stan Lee's cameo in Deadpool



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