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SPOILER WARNING: Lots and lots of spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6 "Blood of My Blood."

After all the events of last night's episode, things are looking up for the Mother of Dragons. She and Drogon have strengthened their bond, and she's on her way back to Meereen with a Dothraki army 100,000 strong. All she needs is a thousand ships to get them all to Westeros, and Euron Greyjoy is busy getting them ready for her.

Daenerys The Mad Queen?
Daenerys The Mad Queen?

But, did anyone else get the feeling that the days of the warm-hearted Mhisa, the champion of justice, might be behind us? Her last speech was inspiring, for sure, but just because someone's an enthusiastic public speaker and can get people to follow them doesn't mean that they have the sound judgment it takes to be a leader. In Daenerys's case, it might turn out to be the opposite. Here are five reasons that point to the fact that the mighty Daenerys Stormborn might turn out to be the Mad Queen Dany.

1. She's Encouraging Her Army To Rape And Pillage

Back in Season 2, Dany was a pretty strong defender of the innocent. Remember this epic scene where she frees the Unsullied Army and unleashes them on their masters, but at least remembers to tell them "harm no child"?

She made no such distinction in her most recent speech. She has to know that while her armies are busy tearing down stone houses in Westeros, plenty of innocent men, women and children will be tortured, raped and murdered. Or maybe she doesn't know, she's just so blinded by her lust for power that she hasn't thought about it yet. Either way, both are pretty bleak alternatives.

2. Bringing The Dothraki Across The Sea Is A Death Sentence

The Dothraki, Game Of Thrones
The Dothraki, Game Of Thrones

The last time she tried to move a Khalasar via ship, it did not end well. Jorah even told her that the Dothraki are not a seafaring people, they're not made for it. She may be able to hype them all into a bloodthirsty frenzy, but that doesn't change the reality of the fact that they definitely will not all survive the journey.

And once they do get to Westeros and fight Dany's war and possibly even win, what then? They will not be welcome in Westeros, unless they slaughter all the people that already hold those lands.

3. What About The Slaves In Meereen?

The People of Meereen, Game Of Thrones
The People of Meereen, Game Of Thrones

Despite the rumors flying around Meereen, we know that it wasn't Daenerys's fault that she had to leave her newly freed city. However, now that she's got her freedom, her dragon back, and an entire Dothraki army, all she can think about is the Iron Throne. Who will be looking after Meereen while she's off conquering Westeros? It's difficult to believe she would make that journey without Tyrion, Varys, Missandei and Grey Worm by her side. There will be no one left to prevent her city from falling into utter chaos, and she doesn't seem phased in the least.

4. Biology's A Bitch

This one isn't just from last night's episode, but it's still worth mentioning that craziness runs deep in the Targaryen family. Alison Longdon put it best when she designed these health insurance plans for GoT characters; Dany's got signs of a pre-existing condition. The Targaryen madness is real. Her father had it. Her brother Viserys had it. And remember how well that turned out for him?

Given the amount of brothers marrying sisters on the Targaryen family tree, it's not all that surprising that after a while, people would start to turn out similarly strange. It'd be nice to think that the madness might have skipped our beloved Khaleesi, but there's no real proof that it has.

5. We've Seen An Awful Lot Of Her Father, The Mad King, Lately

Aerys Targaryen, Game Of Thrones
Aerys Targaryen, Game Of Thrones

In the beginning of "Blood of My Blood," we got our biggest glimpse ever of Aerys Targaryen (courtesy of Bran's choppy vision), shouting his signature "Burn them all!" just before Jaime "Oathbreaker" Lannister could earn his reputation as the Kingslayer. Nothing that happens on Game of Thrones is irrelevant, so wouldn't it make sense that we've started seeing more of the Mad King just as his daughter is poised to follow in his footsteps?

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Game of Thrones will return this Sunday on HBO.


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