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Hot off the heels of baring his exposed buttocks all over Instagram while on a trip to the lake, Justin Bieber has done it again — except this time, he's chosen to pose grabbing a handful of his family jewels instead.

A couple of days ago, for some bizarre reason the Biebster had the genius idea of uploading a pic of himself in his underwear in a messy room and as expected, the internet took note.

Yet for someone who was victoriously boasting his bits in front of 69.6 million fans, he sure looked pretty unhappy about it. Now, while his sad face is likely a result of the fact he's being sued for stealing his hit song 'Sorry,' it might just be something else altogether.

Just as his caption suggests, my guess is that Justin is simply lamenting the fact that he does not possess the wondrous skills of photoshop that previously allowed him to appear like this:

Justin Bieber looking less sad in his calvins
Justin Bieber looking less sad in his calvins

Either way, it's all good because his army of Beliebers were loving his half naked pose anyway. Plus, in his defense, the snap wasn't half as bad as the slew of images Justin has unleashed unto the world in recent years.

But it does beg the question — did Calvin Klein really just pay the Sorry singer to grab his trouser snake for ad purposes in the least sexy way possible? Is this their way of kick-starting a more natural approach to their campaigns? Or is Bieber just trolling us all?

The world is confused.

Can you solve this mystery?


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