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The media coverage of Amber Heard's domestic abuse allegations against Johnny Depp has been shockingly biased (and not in her favour), but there is a growing movement of people standing up against the 30-year-old actor's trial by press.

After Amber accused Depp of destroying the apartment they shared and hurling an iphone at her face, many media sources have chosen to imply Heard is a liar who is eyeing up Johnny's fortune, but some stars are not taking this victim shaming approach lying down.

Below is a roundup of just some of the support that Heard is receiving from around the web:

Rainn Wilson

The Office star Rainn Wilson didn't mince his words when he wrote this status that makes it clear that he believes every word that Amber Heard is saying against Depp.

Andy Richter

Comedy actor and Conan's screenwriter, Andy Richter, implied that the dark forces of Hollywood could be at work thanks to Depp's colossal influence on the industry.

The amount of stories coincidentally coming out of the woodwork about Heard in the wake of the allegations (such as claims she was secretly married to her ex-girlfriend, Tasya Van Ree) make his idea easy to believe. Especially when you consider how much Depp has to lose.

Scott Weinberg

Veteran film critic and entertainment writer, Scott Weinberg, had a caustic response to people who were making the damaging claim that Heard cried abuse simply because she wanted something from Depp. The writer rightly spit venom at the idea that is often generated by the media that women make up false claims for their own personal gain, a concept that real-life statistics show barely exists.

Amanda de Cadenet

British talk show host, Amanda De Cadenet, retweeted numerous messages of support for her long-term friend Amber Heard from various supporters in the Twittersphere.

Depp has also received an outpouring of support from friends and relatives who appear to be much more vocal because he is the accused in the case.

Neither Heard or a rep has yet made comment about the way the case is being presented in the media.

Do you think Amber Heard should be considered a victim until proven otherwise in court?


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