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Think Marvel is the only studio to tuck cheeky little scenes in after the credits have rolled? Think again. Post-credit scenes have been around for far longer than people may realise, featured in films as diverse as A Knight's Tale and Super Mario Bros.

Not only do these scenes reward patient viewers who have sat and read the names of everyone involved in a films production, but they can also tease what may happen next or even provide more insight into the story itself.

Horror fans, rejoice! We've compiled five of the best post-credits scenes for those of you who didn't wait until the end of the movie before leaving. Whether you did that because you're a busy person or whether the scares caused you to have a little accident, don't worry. There's no judgement here from us.

1. Zombieland (2009)

Bill Murray's appearance in Zombieland is unquestionably one of the best cameos of all time. How many other actors would play themselves caught in a zombie apocalypse, lampooning some of their most popular films?

After Murray is shot, we revisit him in the post-credits scene, where he and Woody Harrelson's character Tallahassee recite a famous line from Caddyshack together.

Au revoir, gopher and au revoir zombie Bill Murray.

2. Evil Dead (2013)

Fede Alvarez's remake of Evil Dead reimagined the iconic horror movie for modern audiences, surprising fans with a genuinely impressive adaptation that included a number of references to Sam Raimi's original trilogy.

The one thing missing was Bruce Campbell's Ash, the breakout star of the franchise — or so we thought. In the post-credits scene, fans were treated to the return of everyone's favourite and undoubtedly groovy Deadite destroyer as he emerged from the darkness.

3. Slither (2006)

Before Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy catapulted James Gunn to the big leagues, the filmmaker made a name for himself among horror fans by creating the cult classic Slither, which followed Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks as they tried to survive a small-town alien invasion.

After the alien is destroyed at the end of the film, exploding into a thousand pieces, an after-credits scene reveals that the threat may not be completely destroyed. The death of a cute cat sets up a sequel perfectly, but unfortunately, Slither 2 never saw the light of day. What a waste of a good feline.

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)

Die Pee-Wee, die!
Die Pee-Wee, die!

Before Buffy The Vampire Slayer took TV by storm, a hilariously cheesy incarnation of the Chosen One starred in her very own movie, which was funny for all of the wrong reasons.

One highlight though was a protracted death scene played out by Paul Reubens, the man better known to an entire generation as Pee-Wee Herman. What's great about the character's ridiculously long demise is that he pops up once again after the credits have finished rolling, dragging the joke out for so long that it actually becomes funny again.

5. Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

Before half of comic book fandom decried Zack Snyder for his handling of the DCEU, the young director impressed horror fans with a surprisingly effective remake of the classic Romero zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead.

The film ends on a positive note, with the remaining survivors safe aboard a boat, but then as the credits roll, the audience is given glimpses of found footage material that suggests nowhere is really safe once the zombie apocalypse hits.

We could have told you that.
We could have told you that.

What's your favourite horror post-credits scene?

Harrelson's made his choice.
Harrelson's made his choice.


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