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What's better than Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones with a dash of Harry Potter, obviously. No real spoilers ahead, so you're safe even if you haven't seen Season 6, Episode 6 yet.

A familiar face in this week's GoT
A familiar face in this week's GoT

Viewers with the sharp sight of a raven(claw) may have noticed a familiar face sitting at the dinner table when Samwell brought Gilly to the Tarwell family seat at Horn Hill in this week's slow-burn episode, "Blood of My Blood."

While most of the audience was distracted by Gilly's gorgeous makeover, those who had their eye on Sam's younger brother, the fabulously-named Dickon Tarly, might have observed that the handsome second son of the hideously cruel Randyll was in fact played by none other than Cormac McLaggen himself (that's Freddie Stroma, for those of you who incorrectly believe that Harry Potter characters are not real).

You may remember Cormac best for his unsubtle, borderline outrageous attempts at flirting with Hermione, or for puking on Snape's shoes that time at Horace Slughorn's Christmas party.

Ah, good times.

See Cormac in action in Game of Thrones by rewatching the excruciating dinner scene below (and I thought my family reunions were bad):

Although he doesn't exactly steal the scene (his most notable moment coming when he pronounces "cure" in a way that rhymes with "blur," like only an extremely posh Englishman can) Dickon has been deemed the rightful heir to Heartsbane, the ancient Valyrian sword, by his father.

Fair to say he might be pissed when he finds out Samwell has stolen it.

Then again, I'm OK if this is the last we've seen of Dickon. The worlds of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones have collided once again, and it was beautiful while it lasted.


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