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(Warning: The following is dark and full of MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS for the most recent episode of 'Game of Thrones,' the most recent novels, and — theoretically at least — the rest of the show's sixth season. Proceed with whatever level of caution your friendly neighborhood three-eyed raven suggests is wise.)

Now, in the wake of a relatively sedate episode of Game of Thronesas in, there were few major murders, and only a fairly small coup — you might think that the show has simply taken a rest week of sorts, leaving us with little more than some cold hands, a real Housewife, and a potentially mad queen.

As it turns out, though...

(Note, this is where those aforementioned SPOILERS really start to kick in.)

The Latest Episode Of Game of Thrones Might Just Be Teasing A HUGE Future Reveal

Or, more specifically, the return of a seemingly somewhat unimportant character might be. Y'see, as it turns out, the sudden reappearance of Catelyn Stark's Frey-held brother Edmure Tully...

...might just be the key to an iconic sub-plot from the novels finally making its way onto the show. Specifically...

It Seems We Could Finally See The Arrival Of Lady Stoneheart

Who, for anyone who hasn't already had this whole sub-plot ruined for them by a comments section of a loud-mouthed friend, is...

(And this is the part where you really need to stop reading if you don't want to know some fairly major SPOILERS)

...the resurrected, vengeful corpse of Catelyn Stark.

Y'see, in the novels, Lady Stark didn't actually stay dead for all that much time after the Red Wedding. Instead, she was resurrected by Lord Beric Dondarrion (the lord we saw lose a fight with the Hound a while back, and then return to life through a similar magic that brought Jon Snow back from the dead), and began a campaign of wholesale slaughter, largely targeting Lannisters, Freys and Boltons — the three families who had betrayed her own.

What Does That Have To Do With Edmure, Though?

Well, on the one hand, potentially nothing whatsoever. It's entirely possible that we'll simply see Edmure get horribly murdered in front of the battlements of Riverrun next week in an ill-advised attempt by the Freys to get The Blackfish to emerge to fight them, or that he'll catch a cold and die ignominiously off-screen.

What ultimately happens to Edmure isn't what matters, though. Instead, what's really important is that Edmure (and the Freys), Jaime and Brienne are all heading to Riverrun — with events there about to take center stage in the show (as demonstrated by the recently released trailer for next week's episode):

Which, it seems, could well be setting the stage for the arrival of Lady Stoneheart.

The reason for that particular suspicion?

Pretty Much All Of The Pieces Are Now In Place For One Of The Novels' Big Lady Stoneheart Moments

Now, with Lady Stoneheart not yet having arrived in the show, several of her key moments from the books have already been missed — or at least not shown to us — but two crucial scenes could yet play out before Season 6 comes to a close.

Y'see, at one point in the novels, Lady Stoneheart captures Brienne and Pod and, well, seems to hang them, on account of Brienne seeming to have turned to the Lannister side. Or, at least, that's what we're left thinking, before Brienne eventually turns up again — in the Riverlands, seemingly attempting to lure Jaime into a Lady Stoneheart-orchestrated trap.

Could We See That In The Show, Though?

In that exact form? Possibly not. After all, the books' Brienne hasn't actually managed to find Sansa Stark yet — with the whole Sansa/Ramsey plotline not having happened — and is thus a far more traitorous-seeming figure than the show's Brienne. Seeing as the on-screen Brienne has already successfully rescued one of Catelyn Stark's daughters, then, there's substantially less cause for Lady Stoneheart to want her dead. That, though, doesn't mean that Jaime Lannister — surely an eternal Stark blood-enemy — couldn't find himself in her crosshairs in the near future.

With both Jaime and Brienne soon to be wandering around the Riverlands, then, and Catelyn's brother Edmure potentially providing the spark, it's entirely possible that we'll see Lady Stoneheart turn up before this season is out — albeit most likely in a somewhat different form to the novels' take on the character. A gut-punch of a final scene in Episode 10, perhaps, with Jaime being brutally murdered, and Lady Stoneheart revealing herself, before we fade to black — and a ten month wait for Season 7?

Alternatively, though...

It's Entirely Possible That Lady Stoneheart Could Still Not Turn Up At All

Y'see, in the novels, Lady Stoneheart essentially takes over from Beric Dondarrion in his crusade to protect the people of Westeros from tyranny, turning his Brotherhood Without Banners into her own personal militia. With Dondarrion already established as a revived character in the show, though, it's entirely possible that we could simply see his version of the Brotherhood fulfill Lady Stoneheart's basic role — Lannister, Frey and Bolton-related vengeance-taking — without Lady Stoneheart herself appearing.

Then again, since we've already seen one major character be resurrected this season, and are increasingly used to the fact that Game of Thrones is about to become Dragons vs. Zombies, there's no real reason why she couldn't appear. And it sure would be one hell of a good internet-denting reveal.

What do you think, though?


Will we see Lady Stoneheart in Game of Thrones this season?


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