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The CW's FlarrowVerse has been on the air since 2012 with the debut of Arrow which was eventually followed by spin-offs The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. The Flarrowverse has approximated a total of 7 seasons on TV thus far (4 seasons of Arrow, 2 of The Flash and 1 of Legends of Tomorrow) with all it's programming set to return (and perhaps grow) next season. However, as Yahoo pointed out, in all of these 7 collective seasons, there is one ambiguity - and that is the absence of female 'Big Bads'. 'Big Bads' are what we commonly refer to the main villain in each season as. For example, we have seen Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke, Ra's Al Guhl, Reverse-Flash, Damien Darhk, Zoom and Vandal Savage all act as the 'Big Bads' of their respective season. But we have yet to see a female big bad wreak havoc in Star City, Central City or throughout time itself. Even Greg Berlanti's other series, Supergirl had trouble with this as the original antagonist, Kara's aunt Astra, was eventually replaced by her husband Non as the 'Big Bad'. Well, with some of the shows desperate for a reinvigoration, now is perhaps the best time to feature a female 'Big Bad' in the FlarrowVerse.

Lack of Female 'Big Bads'

Whitney Frost in Agent Carter (ABC)
Whitney Frost in Agent Carter (ABC)

Start with the obvious one, right? Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have all been criticially well-received when at their peaks and are watched by millions of people. However, they have yet to feature a female 'Big Bad'. Despite an onslaught of formidable female adversaries, the shows have never featured one of them in the main villain role. But that does not mean that they shouldn't try. Marvel's Agent Carter produced a brilliant second season which featured a female 'Big Bad' in the form of Whitney Frost. She was a convincing threat: callous, clever and at times, deranged and she proved that female 'Big Bads' can indeed be equally compelling. Furthermore, Agent Carter featured a female threat in Season 1 with Dotty Underwood, who was an incredibly well trained and skilled assassin. Outside of Agent Carter we haven't seen that many female 'Big Bads' but the creative team behind the FlarrowVerse should follow its lead and add a threatening and convincing female 'Big Bad' to one of their shows.

Supergirl is Heading to the CW

With the recent announcement that Supergirl will join the FlarrowVerse shows on the CW, this presents a perfect opportunity to include more female villains. Supergirl's original 'Big Bad' was indeed Kara's aunt Astra. However like I said, even it ended up shifting gears, replacing Astra as the 'Big Bad' with her husband Non. But at least it tried. Having said that, it might be more well-received if it wasn't Supergirl that focused on the primary female villain but one of the male-dominated shows as it would create an interesting dynamic should said male hero come face to face with an unstoppable female. Either way, if the CW does indeed welcome Supergirl into the FlarrowVerse, we should see an abundance of her female villains joining also.

Female Villains Have Kicked Ass Before

Just because there haven't been any female 'Big Bads', that doesn't mean that there haven't been any compelling female villains. Arrow has offered us some great and deadly female bad guys with China White and Cupid, while The Flash has given us Killer Frost, Black Siren and Peek-A-Boo and Legends of Tomorrow even offered up the Pilgrim. With so many badass and deadly female characters, one has to wonder why we havn't seen any of them in the main role? Seeing Danielle Panabaker deliver dual performances as Killer Frost and CaitlinSnow just proved how versatile she can be if given the chance. Furthermore, seeing Katie Cassidy as Black Siren on The Flash, decimating Barry could have been a sign of things to come in Season 3. In fact, I dare say that she would be a great 'Big Bad' on Arrow, especially as she looks like Laurel and Katie Cassidy deserved far better from that show. Either way, these women can certainly handle themselves against their male counterparts and have proven that its time that at least one of them get the spotlight. I vote Black Siren!

Call of the Siren: Black Siren's Canary Cry
Call of the Siren: Black Siren's Canary Cry

So with all that happening right now as well as some of the CW's shows in need of a revamp, now is the time to see a female kick some ass as the 'Big Bad' on one of the CW's now four superhero shows.

Do you think we should see a female villain dominate one of the CW's FlarrowVerse shows? If so, which one? Tell me in the comments!


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