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After the first movie being a fiasco, promising something a lot better than it seemed, the sequel finally lives up to the idea of showing us the real event.

In The Purge: Anarchy, Eva (Carmen Ejogo) and Cali (Zoë Soul) are a mother and daughter that are at risk as their building was targeted by secret Purge mercenaries that decide to eliminate those whom are a burden on society. They're quickly saved by Sergeant (Frank Grillo), a off-duty police officer on a mission. On their journey, the run into a couple also on the run from other Purgers.

Credit: Justin Lubin
Credit: Justin Lubin

For the first time, we're living The Purge, set this time in the city of Los Angeles, where violence is still the order during those 12 hours. The fact we're able to see different people acting violent in different ways shows us how serious this day is to these people and how important it is for society.

While there is a solid plot going on, all the other eye-candy, including the Anarchist Purgers that ramble along the city, makes for the visuals we expected to see in the first movie, with the added edge of the dangerous feeling of this brutal event.

To add more tension to the film, we're also confronted with a militia of the anti-Purge, as they shoot their way to prove a point.

While it tries very much to be more than it is, admittedly it's a whole of a lot better than it's previous film, be it for the different characters involved, for the added tension and it's edgy visuals.

Credit: Justin Lubin
Credit: Justin Lubin

Overall, The Purge: Anarchy delivers on what we exactly want: the almost-full experience of America's most thoughtful event, courtesy of the New Founding Fathers.

Fun fact: The first purge was in 2018, so right in the middle of the term. Anyone want to make fiction into reality?


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