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The current X-Men storyline, whether it's an alternative universe due to the events of Days of Future Past, or the future paving in a different direction than X-Men, X-2, and The Last Stand, this team evidently will encounter other mutants. We've had the new encounter of En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse), which has come because of the change in the past. We have a younger Angel, along with Quicksilver, so we can guarantee Gambit to make his appearance very soon. Based on the news from The Hollywood Reporter, Gambit has been delayed once again. This time for extensive rewrites to the presented script. This could be done precisely from 20th Century Fox, in order to connect the solo with the after credit scene from 'X-Men: Apocalypse'. The writer, Simon Kinberg mentions how the particular scene lines up to address Wolverine 3, and opens the doorway for Gambit. And strangely enough, just yesterday the world was given this raw glimpse at Hugh Jackman in his last appearance as Logan/Wolverine.

His formal attire could lead to the assumption that he's meeting with Nathaniel Essex, better known as Mister Sinister. After Apocalypse phenomena, men in suits raided the leftovers of the hidden facility, later revealing themselves to be in work for Essex Corporation. Their obtainment of a specimen known to be from Logan, left audiences in the dark of what was planned. While in recent news revealed one of the main antagonists to be the cyborg group, The Reavers, making their way in Wolverine's 2017 film. They are most notable for their hatred of the Mutant specie. And appearing along side them is one of his greatest foes; Lady Deathstrike.

Kinberg mentions Logan plays a role, does bring things full circle and aids the future 90's X-Men movie. Where Remy LeBeau (Gambit) enters is left unknown, but most likely will involve Sinister. In the comic "Messiah Complex", LeBeau worked for the villain, who he'd ended up kidnapping a baby for. After turning the baby over to him, Gambit learns it is actually Mystique, appearing as the deranged-Biologist. Prior to this obscure mission with Mister Sinister, he had also helped recruit members such as, Sabertooth into the group "Marauders." The villainous group he was also a member of in his early days, before joining the X-Men. His and Sinister's stories further intertwine in the comics, but the live adaptation may be written differently for the silver screen.

So taking on rewrites and moving the production to the end of this year may have helped 20th Century Fox connect the future Gambit solo with Sinister, Sinister to Wolverine 3 and from there, the villain as the main protagonist in the 90's X-Men film. This could nearly be true, having Kinberg state this a couple days back:

"It’s a nod toward potentially a lot of different movies. I mean certainly the Wolverine movie is related to what happens at the end of it, but there’s also another character that’s introduced, at least in name, in the tag and he could show up in any host of different X-Men films. Maybe a Gambit movie, maybe another X-Men movie."

Now, with the Gambit movie pre-production aiming to start in December 2016, and knowing Wolverine 3 has begun, 20th Century Fox may likely allow Mister Sinister to play a minor role in both. There's been a rumor traveling, stating he would be a factor in three films; Gambit's solo, Wolverine last film and the future Deadpool 2. With the source material connecting Sinister to Cable, who will be a secondary character in Deadpool 2, there's a viable reason for the menace to stick around for some time. Even if it's briefly to shine light on how Cable came into existence.

Bryan Singer is leaving the director's chair of the X-Men films. His attention will soon be on the huge adaptation, '20,000 League Beneath the Sea', though he states that his heart will always be with the X-Men franchise. He also mentions staying on board as a consultant, producer and possibly a director in the future. At the moment, Fox hasn't announced its layout for the team set in the 90's. The current films announced for the future of this universe are, 'Wolverine 3', 'New Mutants', 'Deadpool 2', and 'Gambit'. As an interesting goodbye, Singer gave himself this cameo in Apocalypse.

"I have a cameo in it. You can’t tell. I’m the guy firing a machine gun… screaming, when the camera flies by me. When I look at it, I couldn’t recognize myself so I knew no one else could. But it was a thrill to get killed by Wolverine. I can now say that. It’s one of the many things I can put on my resume."

The end of the trilogy, 'X-Men: Apocalypse' remains strong in theaters, with 'Wolverine 3' following, March 2, 2017.

What are your thoughts on Gambit's solo connecting to the future X-Men film?


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