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The idea behind this project was to create a fan cast where instead of famous actors being chosen for titular superhero and villain roles, Moviepilot creators and staff would put on the capes and don the cowls. Yet in this fan cast, you guys chose your roles! In order to compile all of the choices into one article, I was given needed help by a fellow creator Evan Lee, who came up with a wonderful story to explain the reason behind all of these characters appearing in the same place. Without further ado:

Seven: A Marvel & DC Story by Evan Lee

The universe was created by three deities: ZOLHER, IRUS and LUCILLE.

Each deity was assigned to their own living planets and galaxies to rule over. Zolher and Irus ruled their galaxies with complete fairness. However, Lucille was causing chaos throughout her planets and galaxies - the two deities turned the other cheek since it had nothing to do with them. At least that WAS the case until Lucille grew greedy and wanted more. Three of Irus’ planets were destroyed by Lucille - a rule the deity broke by interfering in another deity’s realm, which results in strict punishment.

Since all three are immortals and creators of life – sentencing Lucille to death was not an option. With much thought, Zolher and Irus decided to use their combined powers to create a planet called “The Inferno”. A small planet that is based in an entirely new universe that is trapped within nine black holes. After imprisoning Lucille, the two deities agreed that they should have their own separate universes to control to avoid a similar incident between them. They also realized that Lucille’s entrapment was only temporary (10+ billion years), and knowing full well she would come back with vengeance unlike any has ever seen… they pressed on. They decided to create seven beings that will serve as protectors of life. These beings will be called upon when Lucille arrives and to vanquish the deity.

They were given the names – MENTHE, ZEDO, NERI, DITHONTH, JOSTILLE, NABIA and KRYM.

After the creation of the seven, the two deities went their separate ways to rule over their respective universes. Zolher would be recognized as the “One-Above-All” in “his” universe and Irus would be recognized as “The Presence” in “his”/ “her” universe.

14 BILLION YEARS LATER: Lucille has finally escaped from “her” imprisonment. The deity begins to build “her” army by starting with taking control of four powerful beings – SUPERMAN, DARK PHOENIX, HAL JORDAN and BARRY ALLEN. These four will be Lucille’s personal servants of war. The One-Above-All and The Presence both noticed a great shift in their universes… Lucille has returned. Due to “her” arrival there have been asteroids destroying planets within both universes, tsunamis collapsing cities around the world (Earth), world breaking earthquakes, black holes, wars, famine and massive suicides. The heroes and villains of MARVEL and DC have taken noticed of these strange turn of events. The X-Men do not know where Jean Grey went and The Justice League have no idea where Superman and Hal are. The One-Above-All aka Zolher lets Irus (The Presence) know it’s time to summon the seven and merge their universes together to defeat Lucille.

A great beam of light mysteriously vanishes BATMAN from Gotham while he’s fighting some of Black Mask’s thugs. The same light hits heroes – JON STEWART, WALLY WEST, SCARLET WITCH, CAPTAIN AMERICA, JANE FOSTER and BOOSTER GOLD. The seven heroes are teleported to a planet called “Paradise”. A realm located in the original universe the three deities created long ago. Our heroes are confused and looking for answers. Some are familiar with one another, while others are complete strangers. The two deities appear before the heroes as the images of two small butterflies. Irus speaks: “Welcome home our children” – Booster Gold breaks out in hysterical laughter from this sight: “Is this some kind of joke?” he says. The other six heroes are not amused but they have similar responses in curiosity.

“What is this place?” Jon Stewart says. “Who are you?” Scarlet Witch says. “I don’t recognize any of you besides Scarlet and Cap” says Jane Foster. “I’m with you sister because I only know grumpy and grumpier (referring to Jon and Batman)” says Wally West. “Let’s hear what they have to say” says Captain America. “Agreed” says Batman.

Zolher speaks: “We are life and death itself and you are the offspring of both. We created all seven of you for a specific task”.

Irus speak: “For centuries you’ve been called many names by man from demigods, guardians, demons messengers, spirits and angels”. “Every hundred years you take on a new identity with no recollection of your past. We’ve kept your existence a secret for fear of Lucille ever finding out” says Zolher.

“Who is this Lucille you speak of?” asks Scarlet Witch. “Lucille has been called many things but good is not one of them” say Irus. “Ok, I’ve had enough of this bologna! You two cute little insects can take me back home now” says Booster Gold.

Irus voice rises with such power that the entire planet shakes. Both Iris and Zolher take the forms of giant golden human-like beings. “Enough out of you, Krym!” says Zolher. For that is Gold Booster’s actual birth name given to him by the two deities.

They explain to the heroes their mission in life and their actual names. Batman is Menethe the Protector, Jon Stewart is Zedo the Wise, Scarlet Witch is Neri the Fair, Captain America is Jostille the Brave, Jane Foster is Nabia the Healer, Wally West is Dithonth the Messenger and Booster Gold is Krym the Heart. All seven are given their deity powers that enhance their already existing abilities while giving them new powers to withstand the power of Lucille.

While this is going on, Lucille has already given “her” four (Superman, Dark Phoenix, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen) servants enhanced abilities. Imagine all four with limitless powers and being bloodlusted! Lucille appoints Doomsday and Brainiac as “her” generals of the army in the DC universe. They lead an army of 800,000 parasitic-demon warriors called “Gliexharas”, along with some of DC’s most despicable villains. In the Marvel universe Lucille appoints Dr. Doom and Enchantress as her generals to lead the war on Marvel’s heroes accompanied by 800,000 Gliexharas and all of Marvel’s villains.

Deathstroke is the only villain from DC that decides to fight on the heroes side. He and Oracle become the generals of the DC universe army. King T’Challa and Iron Man become the generals of the Marvel universe army. Both sides are accompanied by the finest warriors created by Zolher and Irus called the “Ziezachs”. 800,000 strong the Ziezachs are gold armoured warriors that wield blades of fire. They are created by the deities specifically made for warfare, they’re also accompanied by both Marvel and DC’s greatest heroes.

In this battle of the ages, who could fill in the spandex, put on the cowl, or take up the shields of these mighty warriors? The talented staff and creators of Moviepilot, that's who! Let's take a look at the boots these awesome folks could easily fill in.

Will Cloud as Hawkeye

This strapping young lad could well fit the role of sharp shooter, Clint Barton. Someone get this guy a bow, some purple tights, and call it a day!

David Espinosa as Blue Beetle

Young and ambitious, Espinosa has what it takes to be one of the world's greatest superheroes; Blue Beetle.

Luis Rodriguez as Dr. Strange

Luis and Dr. Strange are facial hair bros. That means that they are practically the same person. Besides, check out that look of determination! 'Nuff said!

Max Farrow as Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Enthusiasm quipped with a positive outlook on the road (or skies) ahead, is exactly what is needed to fill the emerald boots of the beloved Hal Jordan. And that is exactly what Max has, and then some!

Kyle Watkins as Daredevil

Cool and collected Kyle could pull off lawyer by day, and vigilante by night, more than anyone!

Jashan Boparai as Red Hood

Jashan's chiseled features make him the right man for the job! Able to go from 0-100, this young man could pull off the masked vigilante with ease.

Trent Tofte as Rip Hunter

The saucy Trent Tofte was made to play this butt-kicking and time traveling hero! I mean, check out the look on his face! He's ready to serve up some justice in any time period necessary.

Stewart Fletcher as Wolverine

Look at that beard that Mr. Fletcher is sporting. If that doesn't spell ferocious, then I don't know what does. Don't make him take off his glasses!

Evan Lee as Black Panther

Diplomatic? Check. Intelligence? Check. Humility? Style? Check and check. Even Lee is the perfect candidate to play the noble warrior King of Wakanda.

Shawn Allard as Doomsday

The resemblance is uncanny. Fully equipped with the toughness and brute factor that is needed to play Doomday, there is no other person to look to, other than Shawn Allard.

Tyler Callaway as Deadpool

Humorous and dangerous, Tyler could very well play the gun toting, and sword wielding Merc with a mouth.

Tyvon J. Hunter as Scarecrow

With enough cunning wit to match that of Dr. Cranes, this young man would have no problem with playing the classic Batman villain.

Floyd Smith III as James Rhodey's War Machine

Confident, stoic, and well versed, Mr. Smith would be able to fill in Rhodey's armor without breaking a sweat.

Shelby Blackwell as Scarlet Witch

Not only does Shelby look like this powerful Avenger, but she has the wits and the confidence to match!

Bryce Johnston as Jay Garrick

Who better to play the OG speedster, than the responsible and strong-willed Johnston? Nobody, that's who!

Alisha Grauso as Dark Phoenix

Just like the Dark Phoenix, Alisha spells the word 'power' with her appearance alone. She is absolutely capable of bringing the very essence of the all powerful Phoenix to life.

Adonis Gonzalez as Batwing

Adonis has the ambition, the drive, and the loyalty to play such a character as Batwing!

Zachary Auman as The Flash (Barry Allen)

Zachary easily fits the description of quick, funny, and driven. There is no one that can fit the role of the scarlet speedster like Auman can.

Tiffani Daniel as Thor (Jane Foster)

Not only does she look the titular hero, but Tiffani is worthy of wielding Mjolnir! If that's not a good enough reason to play Thor, then I just don't know what's real anymore.

Andrew Johnston as Quicksilver

This blue-eyed and blonde-haired young man very well fits the description of Pietro, one of Marvel's speedsters.

Johnathan W. Walker as Captain America

This young man brings nobility and honor to the table in the same way that Captain America does. Who better than Mr. Walker, to stand in as Captain America, the physical embodiment of justice?

Thomas Marsula as The Riddler

This wiz could fit the role of The Riddler better than anyone else. Thomas Marsula brings a mysterious and sophisticated vibe to the table, making him a great fit for this classic Batman villain.

Ian Simpson as Loki

Ian Simpson already obtains the underlining traits needed to play Loki. He is intelligent, cunning, and possesses a powerful mind.

Liam Dixon as Beastboy

A sense of humor, lovable and playful personality, and a high metabolism. These are all things that Liam shares with the beloved Beastboy! With so much in common, it'd be ludicrous to suggest anyone else fill Beastboy's shoes. Or whatever he wears on his feet.. probably nothing. Alright, moving on.

Ryan Blundell as Booster Gold

Ryan has all that it takes to play the charming, wise-cracking, and butt-kicking time traveler that we all know and love; Booster Gold.

Tisha Mae Eaton as Oracle

Tisha is pretty much the same person as Barbara Gordon. With her intelligence and moral compass that points anywhere but south, Eaton is a perfect match for the loyal and hard working Oracle.

Zachary Perez as Magneto

Zachary's confidence and unshakeable faith in his beliefs makes him an excellent choice to be the one to put on the helmet. Persistency in creating a better world, as well as the passion for a new world, is something Perez could very well knock out of the park.

Kalyeb Gordon as Green Lantern (Jon Stewart)

Kalyeb has got the build, the attitude, and the determination to play a character like Jon Stewart. Gordon's confidence puts him at the top of the list to play one of the most prominent members of the Justice League.

Jo Grove as Harley Quinn

Jo already has the appearance down to play one of the baddest female villains in the DC Universe. Not only that, but she has the demeanor to be the comical yet psychotic, and hardcore Harley Quinn.

Annie Crunk as Marvel's Enchantress

Annie may look innocent, but don't let that fool you! She can easily pull of the enticing, powerful, and destructive Enchantress!

Casey Haney as Batman

He always wears black, and he will not hesitate to serve your sorry butt justice. You would think I'm talking about the Bat himself, but I'm actually talking about Casey Haney! Those traits of his are all he needs to be worthy of donning the cape and cowl.

King Antoine as Victor Von Doom

He may be young but don't let him fool you! With an intelligence that shouldn't be underestimated, King Antoine could make a great Victor Von Doom.

Fazal Jabbar as Deathstroke

Fazal brings physical and mental strength to the table; something you'll need in order to play the formidable Deathstroke!

Daniel Alexander Gomes as Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Daniel's confidence, and sense of responsibility makes him a great candidate for the young wall crawler. Not only that, but his eagerness to do what he needs to do puts him above any other individual on the list of folks who can pull off Miles Morales!

Elizabeth Boone-Wilson as Supergirl

Not only does Elizabeth look like a mirror image of the Kryptonian hero, but she brings a light and nobility to the role like no other. That alone makes her more than worthy to fill those red boots, and don that glorious cape!

Jacob Craig as Red Robin (Tim Drake)

Young, eager, adventurous, and intelligent beyond assumption, Jacob makes for a great Time Drake/Red Robin.

Abdullah Masood as Firestorm

With a passion to do what is right, and a drive to get the job done, Abdullah would make for an amazing Firestorm. No doubt this man would do the hotheaded hero justice.

Mara Mullikin as The Wasp

Not only does her intelligence make her a great choice for the role, but Mara's confidence and willingness to roll up her sleeves when duty calls, shows that she is a perfect fit to play the winged hero.

Trevor Norkey as Iron Man

Trevor's outstanding humor and intelligence makes him the obvious choice for the billionaire, playboy/philanthropist, Tony Stark. Not only that, but he's got the looks down!

Matt Walz as Cyclops

I mean, come on! Why wouldn't anyone cast Matt as Cyclops.. the resemblance is uncanny!

Cody Skeels as The Human Torch

Cody's eager, ambitious, and confident attitude shows he is the man to play Johnny Storm!

Alex Hodgson as Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Alex could pull of the likes of Peter Parker, just as well as Spider-Man. I mean, the guy knows karate. He also owns a Spider-Man suit. No argument made against this could ever be deemed as valid. The cake goes to Alex for this one.

Rob Taylor as Hercules

This man is Hercules himself, fresh out of the comic books! Rob would make for the perfect strong man, overpowering any fool that got in his way!

Jasmyn Spann as Cheetah

Not only do Jasmyn's looks show her to be well suited for this role, but her prowess proves her to be a great fit for the villain Cheetah!

Tom Bacon as Professor X

Tom has all that he needs in order to play one of the most powerful mutants in the universe. His big heart, passion, and contagious enthusiasm show him to be the perfect fit.

Ben Tobin Johnson as Thor

This is the same as casting Thor as Thor. Chiseled features, and pure brawn is what Johnson brings to the table, as well as a royal kindness; all things needed to fulfill the role of the God of Thunder.

Chase Ricks as Brainiac

Ricks offers an intimidating intelligence that goes hand in hand when playing the role of Brainiac. Being one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe would come easy to this man.

Jeffrey Ryan Porter as Nightwing

Jeffrey is a spitting image of the young hero. His persistence and desire to do what is good would do him right in his role as Nightwing.

Parris Byers as Ant-Man

Parris has an above average intellect, with a desire to stand up for what is right. Although he would shrink to the size of an ant as Scott Lang, he would still remain a hero that is larger than life.

Cole Zweber as Nightcrawler

Paint Cole blue, stick a tail on him, and we got ourselves an awesome Nightcrawler. His kind heart and openness with other people shows that he would be a great fit for the role.

Now that we have concluded the glorious list of folks from MP that would fulfill their rightful roles...


What do you guys think?


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