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I love all the superhero movies that have been released since the '80s. I grew up watching almost everything supehero-related. My first ever comic book movie experience was at just 4 years old when I first saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Even as 4 year old, I loved it and still watch it to revisit my childhood. Skip to 2000, and I was amazed to see my all time favorite hero, Wolverine, come to life on the big screen when X-Men was released.

It would be 8 years until another of my favorite heroes made it to the big screen, showing Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man - so it's safe to say that the X-Men caught onto the superhero trend as early as possible. Marvel Studios had something up their sleeves when Nick Fury made a cameo appearance, recruiting Tony Stark for The Avengers. Iron Man showed us what a hero with IT gadgets and money could do, and was a perfect kickstart to the MCU that eventually gave us The Avengers, The Winter Soldier and Ant Man. We all know about the MCU following, but I believe the X-Men franchise will also become known for it's cult following. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. New Eras: X-Men in the '60s

Whilst this was going on, FOX rebooted their X-Men franchise and decided to take us to the '60s, telling the origin story of the X-Men. It sounded like a bad idea at the time, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Pushed the PG-13 to the max, they reinvented the costumes and included gore and violence that we hadn't seen in previous X-Men movies. For example, who could forget the coin slicing Shaw's head? The movie made us love these characters even more and better understand their motivations.

2. Fox Taking Risks: Days of Future Past

In 2014, FOX did the unthinkable. They brought back the guy who created the X-Men universe and did Days of Future Past; deleting at least 5 of their movies from their franchise timeline. This is definitely a bold move from the studios and we can say that audiences accepted their silent apology for the ill-received third installment, The Last Stand. Not only that, but they also had a few tricks up their sleeves by expanding on the franchise with the one and only...

3. Deadpool!

Now, we have the hugely popular superhero comedy, Deadpool, and the franchise's flagship blockbuster release, X-Men Apocalypse. I like what they have done to both movies and fans have loved the introduction of Wade Wilson into the franchise. The movie offers comic relief that fans have been craving, particularly due to the similarities between movies like Civil War and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. For this reason, the movie stands out and will have the nostalgic feeling that fans already have for Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

This just goes to show that the X-Men franchise is in safe hands. Although it has been exchanged between Brett Ratner, James Mangold and Matthew Vaughn, the daddy of the X-Men Universe, Bryan Singer, has built a solid foundation that will eventually be known for it's cult following.


What's your favorite movie in the X-Men Universe?


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