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Last week, Marvel Comics threw a major spanner in the works with the shocking revelation in Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 that Cap is a double agent working for HYDRA, rather than the all-American hero we've known for almost a century.

It's fair to say the twist was not exactly well received in some corners of the internet, with some Marvel fans coming for blood and others choosing to donate to a Holocaust Museum rather than buy the next Steve Rogers issue as a form of protest.

Captain America himself even took two minutes out from being a filthy traitor to weigh in on the issue:

Quit feigning ignorance, Rogers, we know your game.

Now, another major face from the MCU has made his feelings on the big twist known via the classic medium of Twitter.

Check out what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Clark Gregg has to say on the matter:

Considering that Coulson himself has been at the center of a couple of major twists in the MCU — like how he was dead, then he wasn't — it's not a surprise that he might be the voice of reason the world so desperately needs in the wake of HYDRA-gate.

Nick Spencer, who's responsible for writing the current saga, had this to say about the decision to make Cap a double agent when speaking to EW:

"I started asking, who’s the worst person [a valuable HYDRA plant] could possibly be? It was really obvious straight away that there’s nobody who could do more damage and nobody that could be more valuable than Steve Rogers. That was really the genesis. It sprang pretty organically from story ideas that were already on the table."

My take on this is that there's no point writing it off until we know exactly what Spencer has in store for us with the next few comics. Writing the twist off as being "designed to shock" kind of misses the point that comics have been built on insane twists like this for a whole century. Why not wait and see where it goes?

And in the meantime, we have tweets like this one to chuckle over.

You tell 'em, Matt.


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