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Katy Perry is the owner of the largest account on Twitter (which kind of makes sense for someone who likes to dress as an emoji) but this didn't stop a sneaky hacker managed to break in and broadcast some embarrassing messages to her 89 million followers.

The 31-year-old singer's account was compromised on Memorial Day and the hacker used the platform to shout out to arch rival Taylor Swift and, more sinisterly, spout homophobic abuse and leak one of Perry's as yet unreleased songs named Witness 1.3.

The leaked song was uploaded to Sound Cloud by an account named 'slut; but was removed shortly afterward thanks to a takedown notice from the Universal Music Group on Katy's behalf. But not before fans had downloaded the song and thrown it up on Youtube.

Katy Perry seems to have regained the control of her account as the hacked messages have since been cleared, but she hasn't yet commented on the embarrassing intrusion.

Oh well, at least it's not as cringeworthy as this pageant photo...

Which detail of the hack do you think Katy Perry is most mortified about?

(Source: The Guardian)


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