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The Rock hasn't been shy about gushing over his adorable baby Jasmine on social media since she was born, and from the way his five month old daughter looks at his tattoos, the feeling of starry-eyed affection is mutual!

Johnson shared a new snap of his little girl staring at his large tattoo in absolute fascination and speculated that maybe she had somehow already absorbed some of the designs spiritual meaning.

He captioned the awwwwww-worthy image with the following adoring text about his baby girl:

"After we feed her, Jasmine just loves looking at daddy's tattoos. I think it helps her digest. Can't wait to one day explain to her what all this means. Chat about her cultures (Samoan, Armenian, African American and Italian). And while these symbols may appear to be primitive, unsophisticated and crude - they're extremely sacred, thousands of years old and very powerful. My mana (strength). Ironically enough the symbol she's fixated on is our ATUA (our God) protected by the small building blocks of my life and then by shark teeth.

Yuuuuup, we gonna have some good daddy/daughter chats. Until then she'll continue to use daddy's tattoos as a place to scratch, drool and spit up. ."

It's so awesome that The Rock is teaching his child about her heritage from such an early age, and from the looks of things, she will be a willing student!

Hopefully, with this sort of dedication to Southern Pacific culture, Johnson will help to make the upcoming Moana as badass and factually accurate as it can be. I know I'm excited.

Do you think it's important to teach babies about their heritage from a young age?

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