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Usually, the craziest makeup feats can be found on movie sets: from transforming hottie Ryan Reynolds into a wrinkly avocado to turning Charlize Theron into a literal monster, there's really nothing makeup can't achieve. Some actors, like Jim Carrey for How The Grinch Stole Christmas, even have to spend the whole day in the makeup chair!

But when Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego decided to give her nanny a little makeover, the 80-year-old woman couldn't get enough of her new doll-faced look — and neither could the internet.

Meet Livia Lilly, Instagram's #1 Glam-Ma

Tea Flego transformed her grandma into a glamma, as she says. Not only is the result impressive, it's clearly given Livia Lilly the perfect boost of confidence. Look at her pulling off a duckface smoother than a 15-year-old's!

She also got to try a more natural look...

... And a festive one!

Still can't believe what you see? Check out this video:

Glam-Ma Loves Her Newfound Fame

As if the story wasn't adorable enough already, Tea Flego has written that this newfound fame has brightened up her grandma's days at her nursing home. One of the reasons being that she obviously made quite a few ladies jealous — but thankfully Tea Flego popped the pencils for Maria, too.

Livia Lilly made a bit of promotion for her granddaughter, who regularly comments on her Instagram posts that she loves her granny. Aren't they adorable?

It goes without saying that Glam-Ma loves her new look and the countless messages she's received. Her moral of the story? "There are no ugly women, just lazy ones!"

I'll take note.

If you're more the type to put on makeup just for the occasional costume, however, check out these comic book inspired transformations below:

Are you impressed by this grandma's makeup transformation?


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