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Sons of Anarchy may've ended in 2014, but the cast of the hit show found themselves embroiled in their own real-life anarchy while attending the Space City Comic Con in Houston, Texas.

The special three-day event was attended by the majority of the cast — including Jackson "Jax" Teller (Charlie Hunnam) himself — and should've provided an extra special reunion for fans of the show, giving them an opportunity to meet their favorite characters in the flesh.

'The Promoter Ended Up Calling The Cops'

Charlie Hunnam as "Jax" Teller
Charlie Hunnam as "Jax" Teller

However, on her personal blog, journalist Ava Jade alleges that the event turned chaotic. As reported by, Jade alleges the SoA crew were not paid for their appearance, and didn't show up to the panel as a result. She wrote:

He [Charlie Hunnam] found out that the check that was given to him was written from an account that had been CLOSED. This happened to the entire cast. Many of the actors went to the promoters office to demand payment, where the promoter ended up calling the cops because he was 'being held hostage.'

According to Bleeding Cool, a source spoke to them and also added some further allegations following the failed event. Their source said:

"I don’t know everything that happened but people definitely were scammed, money seems to have been stolen, celebrities fled, the staff may not have been paid, the cops were called on the cast of 'Sons of Anarchy,' and a lot more true weirdness and pandemonium at a sparsely attended show in a huge convention hall."

A Successful Show

Sons of Anarchy was a crime drama that focused on the fictional criminal motorcycle gang named SAMCRO. It ran for seven seasons, becoming the most successful FX show in the process, with the final season premiere reaching over six million viewers.

Following the huge success of the show, producer and creator Kurt Sutter will launch a spin-off series, focusing on a Latino motorcycle club, the Mayans, who feature in the original show.

Did you attend the Space City Comic Con?

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