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Suicide Squad is looking to be a fun, off-beat film - so what better way to promote it than to take advantage of EURO 2016? England manager Roy Hodgson has confirmed his final squad, and to celebrate (and get in on the act), Warner Bros. had a surprising announcement!

I'm pretty sure this team won't care about fouls! Make sure to watch it, and then scroll down to take a look at the gorgeous bios!

Amanda Waller

No surprise, Amanda Waller is at the heart of Suicide Squad. The Squad's always been her black ops baby, and she's here to make some bad people do some good...

Rick Flag

One thing's for sure; this military man is going to find his patience very much tried. After all, he's trying to lead a team with Harley Quinn in it!

Captain Boomerang

Comic books have always had villains it's impossible to take seriously, and the idea of a villain who uses boomerangs to kill is a good example. But I'm betting he'll be dangerous...


One of the most dangerous men in DC Comics, Deadshot is a villain who's given Batman a run for his money! His appearance in Suicide Squad is sure to present him as one of the most dangerous men around...

El Diablo

Over in the comics, Chato Santana is the third villain to go by the name 'El Diablo'. He's a hot-heated pyrokinetic with a dark criminal past.


OK, can we say creepy? A long-running DC super-villain, the Enchantress has been heavily adapted for her appearance in Suicide Squad. The design is eerily reminiscent of The Grudge.

Harley Quinn

As insane as the Joker (but in less of a "burn the world down" way), Harley Quinn was introduced in the legendary 1990s Batman animated series! She soon made her way to the comics, and is sure to be a hit!


Fans couldn't be more excited for Jared Leto's Joker, who promises to be creepy, eerie - and brutally dangerous! Ironically enough, his identity may be unknown in the DCEU, but his secrets are about to be revealed as part of DC Comics' "Rebirth" event...


Over in the comics, Katana has been associated with the Batman-centric superhero team known as the Outsiders! Here, she's evidently making her cinematic début working alongside Colonel Flag in trying to keep the Squad together. Good luck!

Killer Croc

One of Batman's most brutal foes, Killer Croc has a rare genetic condition that means he's most crocodile than man. Terrifyingly, many comics have portrayed him as a cannibal...


An unusual villain, Slipknot is a skilled assassin whose chemical skills enabled him to create a formula to treat ropes in order to make them unbreakable. His training means you're never going to hear him coming...

The bad news is, this team won't be playing till August. The good news is, they're sure to be champs!

Will you be getting tickets to see the Squad? Let me know in the comments!

The full line-up!
The full line-up!

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