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Fighting evil and protecting the people of Earth is all in a day's work for a superhero. Dancing is not something that comes under their job description, yet down the years plenty have shown off their moves. The results have been mixed, sometimes they've embarrassed themselves making for awkward viewing, but on rare occasions they've managed to add some welcome comic relief.

Here are five times superheroes showed off their dance moves:


The year is 1966 and Batman is a bit different to the one that would hit the big screen in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. The famously camp Batman TV Series got even more camp on January 22, 1966 when the Batusi was unleashed on the world. Adam West's ridiculous dancing sparked a national craze and the infamous dance returned in April of the same year. The Batusi has featured numerous times in popular culture, including a reference to it during West's guest appearance on The Simpsons. With Batman v Superman criticised by some for being too dark, one wonders whether a Batusi from Batfleck would have spiced it up a bit.


As if Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer wasn't bad enough already, it threw in a dancing scene. Reed Richards puts his powers to good use as he hits the dance floor to bust some moves. It's an awful moment in what is an awful movie. In fact, it's so terrible that Mr Fantastic momentarily becomes the villain of the movie, terrorising the audience with his shoddy dance moves.


There are numerous ways in which Spider-Man 3 could have conveyed Peter Parker's dark side but turning him into an emo and making him dance through the streets of New York wasn't one of them. There are lots of problems with this movie, but Parker's 'evil dance' stands out as the one that really makes you think: What were they thinking?! There was probably supposed to be some kind of meaning behind this scene, but where does one begin trying to interpret it? It truly is shocking and the worst part is that this isn't the only time it happens in the move. Enough to give you nightmares.


2014's Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be a surprise hit for Marvel thanks largely to some stand-out performances and its light-hearted tone. Guardians is a movie that refuses to take itself seriously and it's all the better for it. Take this scene, involving Chris Pratt's Star-Lord and Ronan the Accuser. What better way to distract Ronan than through the power of dance? Much to the villains confusion Star-Lord begins to dance to 'Ooh Child' before challenging him to a dance off. It's a totally unexpected and hilarious moment that perfectly sums up Guardians of the Galaxy. It's also the first superhero dance on this list that doesn't make for painful viewing.


It's a testament to the quality of Guardians of the Galaxy that a talking tree that utters the same three words throughout the movie has become such a beloved character. The films first end credit scene may not have teased anything but Dancing Groot stands out as one of the best Marvel credit scenes to date. The now baby Groot in his plant pot begins to dance as Drax polishes his blade in the background. As Drax turns to face him Groot freezes, waits for Drax to return his attention to the blade and then continues dancing again. It's a wonderfully simplistic scene that delivers one of the biggest laughs in the entire movie. It also proved to be a great merchandise opportunity as the array of Dancing Groot toys have shown.

Can you think of any other superheroes who embarrassed themselves with dodgy dance moves? Let me know in the comments section below.


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