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We all love a good Vampire, it's no secret. With Young Adult Television and Film, we have an abundance of chiselled and beautiful, yet highly lethal Vamps to ogle at. From The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore, to Twilight's Edward Cullen and Shadowhunters' Raphael, there's no shortage of Vamps. So in ode to our fanged friends, let's take a look at their most badass moments through the spectrum of YA.

Alright, calm down ladies, it's not that kind of list.

The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert V Katherine Pierce - "Have a nice human life."

Seeing double?
Seeing double?

Elena made her mark on TVD in earlier seasons as somewhat of a weaker character. She had a conscious, she thought with her heart not her mind, and although a brave character, never quite hit it as a badass. Until she turned into a Vampire. Vampire Elena was a refreshing delight, worlds away from human Elena, and when it came down to a fight to the death with evil doppelganger Katherine Pierce, Elena called checkmate when she shoved the cure down Katherine's throat, and seemingly broke her jaw to make her swallow it. She may have had her ass handed her to by the older Vampire, but she wasn't going down without taking Katherine with her! Go Elena!

The Original's

Klaus' Rampage - *Growls in Klaus*

Look a little bit more terrifying mate.
Look a little bit more terrifying mate.

Klaus Mikaelson, Original Vampire and first true Hybrid, is a raging mass of near infinite strength. In Season 1 of The Originals, Marcel attempted to 'tame the beast' and go head to head with Klaus for possession of New Orleans. In a fight that ended with a hell of a lot of Marcel's men dead, Klaus went full 'Hybrid Mode' and tore up everything in sight until Marcel yielded to his will. He had us worried there for a second, but well...he's Klaus. You don't mess with an Original.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Rosalie's Revenge - "I was a little theatrical back then."

A woman scorned...
A woman scorned...

Rosalie Hale is the beautiful and intimidating Vampire of the Cullen family. With near perfect features, Rosalie probably often appears as nothing more than a pretty face, but don't let that fool you. This is one fierce Vegetarian Vamp (lol), with a flair for the dramatic, and one hell of a revenge plan. Her entire story arc is probably one of my favourite's in The Twilight Saga, given that its the most interesting and theatric. After being gang-raped and beaten nearly to death by her fiancee and his friends, Rosalie returns two years later, a Vampire, a woman scorned, and in a wedding dress to hunt each and every single one of the men responsible. Leaving her once-fiancee for last, she slaughters them all, and looks damn near perfect doing it.

The Vampire Diaries

Elijah's Coin Toss - *Throws coins in sophisticated Elijah*

Such sophistication, much class. Wow.
Such sophistication, much class. Wow.

At first glance, Elijah Mikaelson is a well-mannered gentlemen, with an even temper, and a brilliant sense of style. Underneath that, he just so happens to be an Original Vampire, and total freaking badass. During his stint on The Vampire Diaries, Elijah had his fair share of kickass moments, but it was the scene in which he very calmly burned an entire restaurant of Vampires with a simple coin toss. Standing outside, Elijah listened to their plans, as he very calmly shuffled the coins from palm to palm, biding and waiting until the opportune moment to strike. When he did, he shattered the protective glass keeping the sun out for all the Vampires without daylight rings, and watched as they screamed in horror, burning under the suns strong rays. It just so happened to also be a particularly sunny day, so three cheers for nonchalant, badass Elijah. We shall forever love you.


Simon takes a bullet for Luke.

Shadowhunters' first season got off to a really good start this year, and one of the best characters on the show, Simon Lewis, has gone from strength to strength. From Mundie to Vampie, if you will. This season, he did the absolute most when he took a bullet for Werewolf, Luke. Well, to be specific, more than one bullet. And, well, if I'm being honest, it was as much for Luke, as it was by Luke.

In short, to help get Luke - who was a suspect in a murder investigation - off the case, Simon posed as the killer, allowing Luke to shoot him multiple times, save his boss' life, and kill a thousand birds with a few bullets and close the case for everyone. It was a very brave and badass moment for new Vamp Simon, as he prowled around intimidating Luke's boss. Unfortunately, I can't find a clip of this scene, but there's no harm in revisiting Simon's tete-a-tete with Jace, shortly before his new Vamp status.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Couples Fighting - Bella and Edward kill Aro

Get 'em girl!
Get 'em girl!

Bella Cullen has a reputation for being somewhat of a boring character. The emotional equivalent of a potatoe, although we love Twilight, we find it hard to see Bella as the badass she could be. Until of course, she became a Vampire. Like Elena, Bella's Vamp status gave her newfound confidence, and a ferocity she hadn't previously exhibited. In the movie, through Alice's haunting vision in which a significant portion of the Cullen's and Quilleute Wolves die, Bella and Edward tag-team the hell out of Aro - the leader of the Volturi. Tearing his head off in front of his beloved Volturi members, Bella then sets it alight, finishing Aro once and for all.

It's a brilliant scene, and seeing Bella and Edward team up like this, is something I'm definitely up for seeing more of!

(You can skip to around 1:06 for the Couples Tag Team!)

Vampire Academy

Christian Ozera - Moroi Magic for the win!

Dude, you look SO much like Jace in Shadowhunters.
Dude, you look SO much like Jace in Shadowhunters.

In general we dare not speak of the 2014 movie Vampire Academy, as it's the perfect example of how NOT to adapt a brilliantly written, best-selling series, however, the movie does have a quite a few redeeming points that take the edge of all that comedy off. One of those points, comes courtesy of Christian Ozera's final scene in the movie, where he taps into that powerful and uncharted Moroi* Magic, to incinerate two psi-hounds, saving both Rose and Lissa.

* Moroi in the Vampire Academy universe are a "good" race of Vampires, all with some sort of magical ability in the form of 5 elements, Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and the very rare Spirit.

Having never used his power to this extent before, the action almost burns him out, but it was a very courageous move on the teen's part, so way to go Ozera!

(You're gonna wanna skip to the 1:25 mark for all things Pyro!)

Honourable Mention

Steroline - TVD

The final choice for this list is more of an honourable mention than anything, and it goes jointly to Caroline and Stefan in Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries. After a ton of traumatic events, Caroline decides to turn off her humanity switch. Being the structured and orderly lass that she is, she has what she thinks is a foolproof plan in place, until the guys and gals of Mystic Falls push her to far. She has Liam performing surgery on Stefan's niece, Sarah, and insists she won't stop unless Stefan turn off his humanity switch. Now I don't know about you, but Ripper Stefan, is my FAV Stefan, of course, once he crosses that line, someone's gotta bring him back, hence in the scene, with a brave yet fearful look in his eye, he makes Elena promise to bring him back.

I LOVED Steroline with no humanity, so this scene, and these two Vamps have to make this list. Not least because in their own special way, they'd come full circle. Stefan was the one who taught Caroline how to deal with being a Vampire. How to feed without killing, how to control her urges, and there he was, right with her, the first time she decides to turn off her humanity. How perfect.

This is of course just a handful of the fangtastic YA Vampire scenes. To list them all would mean being here for eternity! Be sure to checkout the follow up list of non-Vampire badass YA moments here!

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Which of these scenes was your favourite?