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Captain Marvel | Top 3 actresses that are perfect for the role

1. Charlize Theron

With a remarkable performance in her most recent movie, The Huntsman: Winters War, Charlize Theron is an actress that could completely dominate the role of Captain Marvel.

Landing massive action-packed roles in films like Mad Max: Fury Road and Hancock, her level of energy on the big screen and the tone of life that she brings to her characters is something the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs.

We saw Theron take the role of a super-powered individual alongside Will Smith in the 2008 film Hancock, and also saw her as a futuristic assassin in the 2005 live-action movie adaptation of the animated MTV series Aeon Flux.

Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux
Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux

In Mad Max: Fury Road she played Imperator Furiosa, and again demonstrated her skill as a woman of action. In my opinion, what makes Charlize Theron great, other than she is simply an amazing actress, is her dominion of showing her character’s emotions.

We saw this in The Huntsman: Winters War, where she reprises her role as Queen Ravenna from Snow White and The Huntsman. Queen Ravenna is a selfish and arrogant golden queen, who masquerades her passion of desire with fraudulent love, going as far as killing her sister’s baby for her own personal ambitions. In a totally different persona, Theron as Aeon Flux is a deadly assassin who in the midst of completing a mission is struck with love and curiosity, causing her to change her views on life itself.

Designed by Lone Lez
Designed by Lone Lez

2. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is tremendous, and she totally needs to at least play the role of a well-known superhero on the big screen some time soon. She almost got the role of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, but due to scheduling, the role eventually went to Scarlett Johansson (which is a good thing).

We recently saw her play a powered individual alongside co-star Charlize Theron in this year’s The Huntsman: Winters War as Freya “The Ice Queen”, and her performance was absolutely phenomenal. We had the chance to see a heartbroken Emily Blunt form an army of soldiers who battled undefeated under the rejection of love. But it was when Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman fell in love with Jessica Chastain’s character Sara, that we saw a ruthless Emily Blunt destroy a beautiful romance through extraordinary mystical deception.

Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow
Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

Emily Blunt definitely has all the characteristics of a superhero, and even without powers, we saw those characteristics in the 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow, who she starred alongside Tom Cruise.

In that movie she played a fierce special forces soldier from the future, going against earth-invading aliens, in what felt like a combination of the 1996 film Independence Day and Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

I would love to see her as Captain Marvel, as she could be a perfect and unique component in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I also would really like to see her share the superhero big screen alongside Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow!

Emily Blunt in The Huntsman: Winter's War
Emily Blunt in The Huntsman: Winter's War

3. Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander is one actress who hasn’t been thrown into the speculation of who Marvel will cast as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, but I think Vikander is a phenomenal prospect for the role.

Her captivating performance in last years’ The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was one of the main factors that made that movie so great, and her performance as an artificial intelligent robot in Ex-Machina brought new life to the possibilities of what could happen in a future A.I.-dominated society.

Alicia Vikander in Ex-Machina
Alicia Vikander in Ex-Machina

This year, she stars in the upcoming fifth installment of the Jason Bourne set of movies, and, has also being cast to play as Lara Croft in the next live-movie adaptation of the famous Tomb Raider video game. I would love to see her take the mantle of a recognized superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and as Captain Marvel, she would totally shine in the role.

There are actors and actresses who are outstanding, but sometimes they bring a little of a previous role they played into a new movie, making the overall performance a bit less enjoyable, due to the repetitiveness. But Alicia is an anomaly, a great anomaly.

The Alicia Vikander you see in The Danish Girl is a totally different Alicia Vikander that you see in Burnt, or Ex-Machina, or Seventh Son. She is an excellent performer, and totally deserves to star in an epic superhero movie.


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