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The indestructible man with the adamantium claws, our comic book Wolverine, has killed everyone, from the X-Men to his own son. For the past 16 years we have watched Hugh Jackman bring Wolverine to life in every one of the X-Men films — so how does the live-action carnage live up to his comic book counterpart? We all know that Jackman's Wolverine is a lethal weapon — he's freaking Weapon X, for Pete's sake — but renowned kill count YouTuber Mr Sunday Movies has tallied how many times our metal-clawed friend has brought home a kill, courtesy of the Wolverscreen.


X-Men = 0 Kills

The handy video (partially narrated by scenes of Ellen Page) shows that our feral hero didn't actually make a killing until X2 in 2003. That's right, for an entire 104 minutes of X-Men (2000), Jackman simply punched a few guys and won a cage fight. The closest to death he got was impaling poor Rogue.

X2 = 13 Kills

We feel that Logan more than made up for this in the sequel, where one guy even bit the dust for interrupting his late-night soda session. Thankfully, it was just William Stryker's henchmen who were on the pointy end of the adamantium claws. Oh, and who could forget poor Lady Deathstrike sinking like a pebble?

The Last Stand = 21 Kills

Brett Ratner's maligned X-Men: The Last Stand mainly saw Wolverine taking on his own kind and the climactic battle at Worthington Labs. The finale saw him turn his longterm love interest Jean Grey into a human shish kebab, much to the delight/dismay of the audience (depending who you are).

Origins: Wolverine = 14 Kills

It was back to the start for X-Men Origins: Wolverine — sorry, it still exists. Everyone, from olden-times soldiers to modern-day soldiers, were sliced and diced. Jackman also got his claws into that mute version of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool that you try to forget existed.

X-Men: First Class = 0 Kills

First Class again featured no kills, but does have that classic "go f**k yourself." So we could credit him for at least killing the mood!

The Wolverine = 40 Kills

2013's The Wolverine saw a broodier Logan hopping overseas for some R&R in Japan. His first victim was that poor bear, and from there on out he killed some samurais, a robo hybrid and a hell of a lot of Yakuza.

Days Of Future Past = 3 Kills

Things all got a bit time travel-ey for X-Men: Days of Future Past, but despite having a fuzzy memory, Logan was still in full working order in the claws department. He killed three '70s goons for their car, though I counter that he actually should have killed them for their fashion sense.

Apocalypse = 26 Kills(?)

While Mr Sunday Movies' video ends there, we feel it is important to remember Jackman's current appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse.There is a short but deadly visit to Alkali Lake, where he adds a few more kills to his list. SPOILER! It is quite a lot, actually — we counted at least 26 of Stryker's men.

Including the Apocalypse kills, we ballpark Jackman at a mediocre 117 murders across seven films — nothing compared to Chris Evans/Captain America's 14,809, or Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man's staggering 75,157.

With Jackman confirmed for Wolverine 3, and the rumored and bloody Old Man Logan storyline, there is plenty of time to play catch-up. Character disputes and what ifs aside, we should expect this number to rise quite significantly if you prepare yourself for some Red Skull-smashing, Hulk-bursting fun. Let's come back to Mr Sunday Movies then and see what happens.

Which is your favorite Wolverine kill? Sound off below!


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