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Matt Walz

In Captain America: Civil War, Martin Freeman plays the role of Everett K. Ross, the deputy task force commander of the Joint Counter-Terrorist Center. He works directly under Thaddeus Ross, along with Team Iron Man.

But Twitter user @adrian_spencer discovered something in Civil War's accompanying art book. In an image of Hawkeye and what looks like Falcon sitting in a conference room, a familiar face stands at the head of the table, pointing down the length.

The user suggests that Cranston may have been offered the role prior to Freeman. Cranston would have undoubtedly been fantastic in the role, which utilized a more serious approach than its comic counterpart. It's hard to say, however, if Cranston's involvement ever made it past the conceptual stage. So far, neither Marvel nor Cranston have commented on his involvement.


Do you think the role of Everett Ross was intended for Bryan Cranston?


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