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A "terrifying" rumor has hit the internet that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will undergo major and expensive reshoots through the weeks of July, because Disney was not happy with the product and thought it didn't live up to J.J. Abram's Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (click here to read more).

First of all, understand that this is a rumor courtesy of an unnamed source. Even so, let's say that this is true. Reshoots are not necessarily a bad thing. Almost every movie in Hollywood goes through this process. Major reshoots should be a good sign that instead of the studio leaving the movie as a crappy or even underwhelming final product, it wants to enhance said film to its fullest potential.

There have been plenty of times when movies have had to go through major reshoots and what we ended up with was truly amazing. Therefore this news shouldn't worry fans, but excite them that Disney and Lucasfilm want Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to be on the same, if not higher level as The Force Awakens.

So what are some examples of movies that go through major reshoots and end up being amazing?

The Avengers

That's right, one of the best superhero films of all time went through many lengthy redoes up until its release. On top of that, just before hitting cinema screens, Joss Whedon wanted to film one particular scene for inclusion: The shawarma post-credits scene. The scene of all the actors dressed up in costume was actually filmed right before they headed off to the premiere. Last minute, sure, but it ended up being one of the funniest post-credits scenes ever.

It is also notable that Avengers: Age of Ultron underwent many reshoots, too. In January 2015, four months before the film's release, there was an additional two weeks of filming held to in a bid to capture more "kick-ass action scenes" and also to add Loki to Thor's vision sequence.

The Simpsons Movie

This feature-length animation was destined to be a disaster, but ended up being a huge success. The movie was almost about to be finished editing when it appeared to the writers that something needed to change, or someone: Russ Cargill, the film’s antagonist (pictured above). At first, he was a wimpy character that the studio thought no one would take seriously. The character was removed, completely redrawn and inserted back into the finished product in every scene, while the writers and voice actors, respectively, even rewrote and recorded new lines and jokes.

Back To The Future

Back to the Future may be one of the best examples out there that prooves that sometimes the decision to make major changes to a movie is essential. Obviously, it was all for the best as the movie is labeled one of the most iconic. Micheal J. Fox was the perfect choice to portray Marty McFly on the big screen. However, he became unavailable to film the movie due to scheduling conflicts with his then-sitcom Family Ties. Actor Eric Stoltz was brought in to replace Fox in the role.

However, during production, it became apparent to the crew that Stoltz was not the the right actor, and they promptly decided to replace him. They figured out a deal to get Fox to play the role while still filming Family Ties. Considering Marty is the main character of the movie, most of the scenes were scrapped and shooting pretty much had to start from the beginning. It was definitely worth it, though, as we could not imagine anyone else playing the character. Though a fine actor in his own right, Stoltz's performance as Marty McFly was described as very intense and in a lighthearted movie like Back to the Future with a comedic tone, he didn't quite fit in.


Like Back to the Future, Rocky is also one of the best movies of all time and also went in for many reshoots. Rocky did not have a lot of money backing it and that caused star Sylvester Stallone, who also penned the script, to not be able to include his original ending.

The movie was supposed to end in a totally different way. Rocky was originally going to crowdsurf over his supportive fans after he had finished his match. However, the scene looked very unconvincing as there was an extreme lack of extras available to support the very ripped and strong Stallone. What was intended to be a powerful image came out very cheesy. Therefore, the scene was shot again, but without the crowdsurfing. Watching the film today, it is safe to say that the way the scene ended was a lot better than Rocky being crowd-surfed out, as that would have been jarring and wouldn't have fit the overall tone.

In conclusion, many movies have gone through heavy reshoots, edits and do-overs and have come out all the better for it. The examples listed above are some of the more well-known cases, but reshoots are merely part of the normal moviemaking process. When a movie is done filming, the crew will sit down, watch it and discuss what needs to be changed. The Suicide Squad trailer attracted a lot of attention due to its humor. Therefore, Warner Bros. went back and did some heavy reworking, adding in more laughs.

Just because movies like Suicide Squad or Rogue One: A Star Wars Story undergo many reshoots does not mean they are not going to be great movies at all. If anything, these two movies will turn out awesome!

What do you guys think? Are you still worried about reshoots of Rogue One or Suicide Squad? Tell me below!


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