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Wonder Woman ‘77 Vol. 1 is out today, and I had the awesome opportunity to read a copy before it was released. The comic book series is based on the live-action TV show that starred Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and aired from 1975–1979.

While there were a lot of cool things that I liked about Wonder Woman '77, here are five of my favorite things.

1. Top-Notch Writing And Artwork

The entire volume was scripted by Marc Andreyko and illustrated by an abundance of amazing artists, including Drew Johnson, Matt Haley, Richard Ortiz, Jason Badower and Cat Staggs.

"Wonder Woman '77" writer Marc Andreyko.
"Wonder Woman '77" writer Marc Andreyko.

A good script combined with beautifully rendered artwork makes for an excellent book. The creative team certainly did a fantastic job in capturing the feel and setting of the '70s TV series.

2. Great Use Of Wonder Woman’s Powers, Abilities And Weaponry

In each story, the creative team showcased the Amazon Princess using her powers, abilities and weapons. Whether it was her Lasso of Truth, tiara or bulletproof bracelets, anytime Wonder Woman used these items, it was in unique ways. In addition, our heroine's skills only aided in advancing the story.

One such example of terrific storytelling was the "The Cat Came Back" arc, when Diana is battling her archenemy Cheetah, who has the upper hand — until the tide turns, thanks to a hidden ability of Wonder Woman's. And it's one that I didn't even know about until I read the story!

3. The Villains

Let's face it, it's well known that Wonder Woman doesn't have a great rogue gallery, but with the creative team behind this new comic, these villains were turned into enemies that are both memorable and challenging.

Three of Wonder Woman's rogues make an appearance in this volume. I mentioned Cheetah already, while the other two are Dr. Psycho and Silver Swan. The trio all make noteworthy entrances, giving Diana a run for her money. Wonder Woman's other foes, while not from her rogue gallery, still cause a lot of trouble. In the end, though, Wonder Woman always comes through and saves the day.

4. The Focus On Real-Life Issues

Some of the stories in the volume focus on true-life topics, which made the book relatable. There's a story dealing with the life-changing results of a manmade environmental disaster and another dealing with domestic violence. The latter was one of my favorite stories from the volume.

5. Surprise Cameos

There are bombshell characters featured in the book, particularly in the story “Who is Wonder Woman?” These cameos are pulled from both the TV appearances and past comics, and are sure to spark readers' memories. Indeed, one notable character is the the original blonde Wonder Woman from the 1974 TV movie, played by Cathy Lee Crosby.

As I stated earlier, one of the stories in the volume focuses on domestic violence. It's a powerful story and it also features a surprise cameo from a Batman-related character. I won't reveal who it is, but I appreciated how the character was utilized and it didn't feel forced in any way.

Overall, Wonder Woman '77 Vol. 1 is a great addition to your comic library, with its excellent writing and illustrations, great use of Wonder Woman's powers and abilities, enduring villains, strong focus on real-life issues, and memorable surprise cameos.

This is one book fans should definitely add to their collections.


Will you be picking up 'Wonder Woman '77' Vol. 1?


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