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Kerry Cepero

You know, there is this new thing with Vampires that I see happening, a pattern of sorts to the way the Children of the Night are portrayed now. At first it wasn't clear, but as vampire stories on television and movies evolve, they somehow change the elements to what we've loved about bloodsuckers to the point where you beg to as the question; Can they even be called Vampires anymore?

The Rise of the Hybrids

I'm a huge fan of The Originals on The CW, and they have told some entertaining Vampire stories on television. Yet, they are guilty of changing the way we see Vampires since in this fictional world, the classic bloodsuckers are now at the bottom of the food chain compared with the new HYBRID species arising.

Half Vampire/Half Werewolf beings able to inflict a bite that can kill any regular vampire, no matter how old they are. The stakes seem to rise higher and higher with this new species, case point: Marcel, the forsaken adopted son of the first Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson just evolved to become an "Original" himself, due to a spell and a mixing of blood from the various different Werewolf Clans that allow Marcel to be stronger than even Klaus in his Hybrid form, and with a much lethal bite. He tore into the entire Original family, like a lion into sheep.


You can blame Underworld for this one, since they were the first to introduce the popular Michael Corvin character who became a Half Vampire/Half Lycan being who was extremely formidable against ancient vampires and werewolves as well. His daughter Eve, who was introduced in the last Underworld movie also inherited this particular gift.

The Plague of The Strain


FX's The Strain introduces a new type of Vampire, infected by a parasite born from an Ancient being simply known as The Master. With the exception of a few, these beings are mostly just mindless, killing machines who do the Masters bidding. They aren't kind to the eyes either. Although The Strain is a great show to watch, already renewed for Season 3, there is nothing Classic here about these bloodsuckers.


So what does this mean?

Vampires are indeed changing. Heck, even their fangs are different now. What use to be two beautiful additions to your chompers are now a mouth full of teeth worthy to be on Shark Week. From vampires who shine like diamonds to those that are more Wolf than Vamp, the Classic version is slowly being phased out it seems.

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