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Every movie has a memorable scene. It doesn't matter if the movie is a blockbuster hit, cult classic, or a flat out bomb. Every movie will give a moment that makes you laugh, cry, or flat out wonder what the heck the writers were thinking. What we have here are a little bit of all of that. Some great and some not so great.

Pulp Fiction: SAY WHAT AGAIN!


The scene starts off so cool. Two guys in a car catching up on what they've been up to. What jobs they were taking, fast food in Europe, gossip about someone they know, foot massages, and more. Then the movie takes a turn. Even that turn wasn't immediate. Jules and Vincent walk into the apartment cool and calm and then ,BOOM, Jules shoots a guy and the mood does a complete one hundred and eighty degree.

Tropic Thunder: You Never go Full Retard


Possibly one of the greatest comedies of all time and a phrase that will always be remembered as both hilarious and true. Tugg Speedman was humble bragging about his time training to play Simple Jack to award winning actor Kirk Lazarus Kirk bursts Speedman's bubble in the most hilarious way. By telling him the truth.

Snatch: Desert Eagle .50


Picture you and your partners are packing guns and ready to rob someone. You have the assumption that because you look tough, that people will assume so as well. You've scared the bartender and think now you are on your way to taking out your main target. Problem is, your target is a [email protected]$$ and scary man that calls your bluff and makes you look like a bunch of scared idiots in the process.

Street Fighter: That was Beautiful


Colonel Guile had been killed in in action. While most villains would be happy, Bison mourned his death. Bison goes on about how he wanted to fight Guile one on one and kill him himself. That's not the part of the speech that was great. What made this speech so good was his classic villain "I'm doing this for the good of the people" shtick. He really doesn't get why creating perfect genetic soldiers and using them to wipe away everything and everyone that is against him is wrong. It made me a bit sad that he didn't live long enough to play Dr. Doom. That speech was VERY Doom-like.

300: Earth and Water


When most people think if this scene they think of King Leonidas kicking King Xerxes messenger into the well. That isn't what stuck out for me. It was the moment when he looked at his wife. In any relationship, especially marriage, the people involved should always make sure their partner is okay with major decision. Leonidas looked at his wife Gorgo and made sure that she gave him her blessing. Not because he had to. Because they were in this together. A deep moment that people forget after people are stabbed and kicked in the well.

V for Vendetta: The Televised Revolution


There are so many speeches by V in V for Vendetta that can be used, but this one always seems to be left out. What makes it so great is that it might be the most powerful one in the movie. While V had a list of people to kill and a vendetta against the government, he didn't hold back by letting the people of the London know that they were also to blame for the destruction of their country. He was calm, cool, direct, and heartfelt.

Street Fighter (Again): It was Tuesday


You can't mention the Street Fighter movie without mentioning this scene. Chun Li was finally face to face with the man who destroyed her village and put her on the path she was currently on. She had trained for years to beat Bison down and get revenge for the people she lost. She gave a long heartfelt speech while Bison changed clothes and made two drinks. After she was done, Bison just said that he didn't remember any of that. Because to her this was the most important day of her life. But for him, it was Tuesday. That whole speech she gave and all of that training was shot down in less than thirty seconds.


This is only part one in a long line of great moment lists. Some of you enjoyed some of these moments and I know some of you REALLY dislike them. Either way, you gotta admit, if you've seen these movies, these moments stuck out.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.


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