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The Quicksilver scenes of X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men Apocalypse arguably were the best scenes of each movie, but which was better?

Before I go on I am issuing a SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn't seen X-Men: Apocalypse.

I'm going to compare these two fantastic scenes, and choose my favorite. Starting with:


DOFP: Save Eric, Charles, and Logan from officers with guns.

Apocalypse: Save the students and teachers of the X-Mansion.

Analysis of the scenes: While saving the most important mutants is very awesome, he saved everyone, including almost all of the X-Men, in the explosion. For this I will say, APOCALYPSE!


DOFP: Done nicely, with some cool wall running shots. He makes the officers beat themselves up while saving the others.

Apocalypse: Pretty cool, some nice action shots.

Analysis: DOFP takes the cake. He just looks so much cooler. Plus, this scene comes out of nowhere!


DOFP: Punches some guys in the face, but not too funny until after.

Apocalypse: Very funny. Two words. PIZZA DOG!

Analysis: What do I say. Apocalypse.


DOFP: Time in a Bottle, a great song, a nice pun, and the tone of the song matched the scene. Great choice. Maybe a bit too slow.

Apocalypse: This was hilarious. I knew once this song came on, something was going to be special. The upbeat tone fit this scene as well.

Analysis: In the best category, Apocalypse wins. I know some won't agree, but the overall cool feel to the song was too good to pass up.

CONCLUSION: Quicksilver sequence in Apocalypse was SLIGHTLY better that DOFP's scene, in my opinion.


Which Scene Was Better?


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