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Actually, John Cusack would just like to appear on The Walking Dead, but apparently is aware of the short lifespan of the characters on that show.

He joins a long list of celebrities who would like to be on the show, including Chris Daughtry, Broadway legend Chita Rivera, Ronda Rousey, and Joey Fatone.

Everyone knows that list is about 100x longer than that, because honestly, who wouldn't want to appear on the show?!

During a panel at Orlando's Megacon over Memorial Day weekend, the A-lister was asked by a fan which TV shows he liked, if any. He replied with Better Call Saul, then admitted to being a secret zombie fan. “I could show up on Walking Dead and get killed real quick!”

John at the 2016 C2E2
John at the 2016 C2E2

Isn't that about right, though? The American dream has turned into wanting to guest star on The Walking Dead! But I have to be the first to admit...ever though we didn't see Denny Lachance die in Stand by Me, his death was pretty heartbreaking.

I'm not sure we could handle the death of another John Cusack character!


Which big name would YOU like to see guest star on The Walking Dead?


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