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Sam Plank

Not one to be outdone by his own son, Carl “Big Poppa” Grimes, Rick now has his own theme song!

Thanks to the folks at Bad Lip Reading, Carl can add rapper to his resume, right under One-Eyed Walker Slayer-

YouTube user Bonecage, collaborating with Mr. Gee, has taken Devo's 1980 hit “Whip It” and turned it guessed it...

“Rick It!”

“When you're trapped inside a tank, you must Rick it!”

“Before your friend gives you the shank, you must Rick it!”

“Rick It good!”

“Crack that Rick!”

Admit it--you laughed at "Maggie's Sad! Decapitated dad!"

I hope you enjoy having that song stuck in your head until October, when season 7 of The Walking Dead comes back!


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