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I was very much impressed by the trailer for The Nice Guys. To be honest, I am a big fan of Russell Crowe and I admire the directorial style of Shane Black. Some of us may know that Black wrote the Lethal Weapon movie franchise. He has teamed up with Robert Downey Jr, twice in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3. When it comes to action , comedy and plot twist, Shane Black is the man. If I could convince you why you should watch The Nice Guys, here are 3 reasons then.

1.Ryan Gosling

Starting his career in sports drama and chick-flicks, he showed his serious acting chops in movies like Drive and Only God Forgives. However Gosling had only done 1 comedy movie before The Nice Guys and this is his second outing trying something comical and serious at the same time. He plays a clumsy private detective and the scenes with Russell Crowe and his on-screen daughter will leave you in splits and laughter. Ryan Gosling as Holland March is one of the reasons you should watch "The Nice Guys".

2. The Late 70s Nostalgic Feeling

The Nice Guys is set in the late 70s, Los Angeles. Living in Asia, this movie has given me the opportunity to see how LA was in the 70s as depicted in the film. Another thing I always look forward in a film is what kind of costumes the stars wear in the film. Ryan Gosling's suit was very apt for the 70s style. Both stars, Gosling and Crowe had sideburns and hairstyles that suit the 70s era. Another bizarre thing is that , the movie also showed the audience how the porn industry was like in the 70s. So if you like to take a trip back to the 70s, this is another reason to catch The Nice Guys.

3. A refreshing movie

Among the huge releases for the summer blockbusters, The Nice Guys is not a superhero movie , not a comic book movie and it is not a franchise. Its an original film from Shane Black who has taken a few leaves from Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It is funny when it needs to be. It has good moments in the film especially between Ryan Gosling and Angourie Rice. It has the good old days of shooting and chasing scenes. There are also a good number of plot twists in the movie. So if you had enough of the blockbuster movies and want something new and refreshing , GO AND SEE THE NICE GUYS. With that I am hoping to see how Shane Black brings back the Predator.


Which is your favorite Shane Black movie?


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