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Happy June, everyone. I hope you're all looking forward to that summer vacation as much as I am. In the meantime, let's have a look at some of the fantastic work that was created this week. From killer gaming articles to thoughtful opinion pieces, we've got something for you! Without further ado, give it up for this week's cool kids.

Will Daniel Bruhl's Baron Zemo Form The Cinematic Masters Of Evil? BY Carlos Rosario (Lone Lez)

Marvel's latest super-villain is here, and he's here to stay. Zemo might not be a cosmic powerhouse like Loki, but unlike various villains who came before him, we'll be able to enjoy his on-screen presence for at least another movie. New Creator Carlos believes that Daniel Bruhl's Zemo will play an important piece in the further construction of Phase 3. Where does that leave Zemo? Carlos has got you covered.

Horror Inspired Music Video is The Sound of The Apocalypse - Literally. BY Christophe Couvreur

French electro band Stan-X has combined two of our favorite things: music and horror. What is so special about this particular music video, you might ask? Well, Stan-X have incorporated footage from not 1, not 2, but 16 different horror movies made between 2000 and 2010. The video is a true tribute to the horror genre.

Shaun of the Dead - A Review BY Zander Bell

It's safe to say that horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead has built up quite the cult following over the years. Directed by Edgar Wright in 2004, it is the first installment of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (yes, like the ice cream). Not familiar with this entertaining spin on the classic horror genre? Creator Zander Bell's review will tell you everything you need to know; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Rick and Morty: Get Schwifty BY Christie Heaven

I'm almost ashamed to write that I have never seen an episode of Rick and Morty, but that's all about to change. Rick and Morty features the adventures and more than likely mis-adventures of super genius scientist Rick and his grandson Morty. According to Christie, the dialogue alone is out of this world. She even goes as far as to describe it as a "wit whiplash". I dig it. The show's got diversity, and it addresses a number of relevant social issues. This is definitely not your typical animated show.

My SFX Journey BY Robyn Moore

Horror fans, you are going to love the work of this next Creator. Robyn Moore is an SFX makeup artist who will be sharing tutorials, struggles and tips with us, and I for one can't wait to see what kind of scary stuff she's got up her sleeve. Her work is definitely not for the faint-hearted but that's all the more impressive. I can't stop staring at those incredible limb wounds. Definitely doesn't look like "just wax" to me.

Bad Games . . . Good Co-Op BY DJMMT

Have you ever played a game that was just 'okay'? We all have. But did any of these games offer a co-op mode, and did you and some friends tackle it together either online or on a couch? All of a sudden this underwhelming game turns into a source of entertainment for hours on end. You laugh, you swear, and most importantly, you have fun. Use DJMMT's article on how co-op can make a world of difference in how you enjoy mediocre games is definitely worth a read.

Should Captain America Have A Boyfriend In Future Marvel Films? BY Emily Gaudette

The internet recently took their to the next level. In an attempt to push for queer representation in the MCU, the was introduced, but just how realistic is the thought of seeing Steve with a male romantic interest? Creator Emily Gaudette and Megan Logan discus whether we will be seeing LGBT superheroes in the MCU in the near future. What do YOU think?

So Preacher's Another Badass AMC Show - But Will It Ever Be More Than Another Of The Same? BY Jo Schinas

I think it's safe to say that AMC is killing it right now. First Hell on Wheels, then Into the Badlands, and now Preacher is gracing our screens. Not sure whether or not you can fit another fantastic show into your schedule? Jo Schinas takes a look at the show's first episode whilst also discussing whether Preacher is new and refreshing, or more of the same. One thing is for sure, the show has definitely got potential.

Is Lady Stoneheart Coming to Game of Thrones This Season? BY Hunter Wolfe

Season 6 will be quite the season for Game of Thrones. The show has finally caught up with George R. R. Martin’s long-running book series, meaning there's no way to tell what will happen next. Nonetheless Hunter Wolfe says that evidence is piling up that one of the most-anticipated book plot-lines may be coming to the show: the return of Catelyn Stark. Will Lady Stoneheart be coming to Game of Thrones? We'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, please do discuss and speculate away.

Flashpoint Paradox For Flash Season 3 On The Way... By Gravitymore

The season finale of The Flash aired last week, but that doesn't mean we will stop talking about it until the show returns in October. Unlike the Arrow season finale, which marked the end of Damien Darhk, we haven't seen the end of Zoom just yet, who was only "temporarily" defeated. Fans are speculating that Zoom might come back as Black Flash. Creator Gravitymore discusses the possibility, as well as various other exciting things that might be coming our way in season 3.

Why Is X-Men (2000) Movie So Important To The Rebirth Of The Superhero Genre? BY Leo Davidson

X-Men (2000) is without a doubt my favorite X-Men movie to date. Released a mere 3 years after the not-so-well-received Batman and Robin movie, the movie resurrected the superhero genre. Franchises like Spider-Man and Fantastic Four followed shortly after the success of X-Men, which proved to fans and critics alike that the genre still had a future. New Creator Leo Davidson takes a look at the importance of the movie and why the superhero genre might not be where it is today without it.

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