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Any mention of the word "reshoot" during the production of a movie conjures images of a desperate scramble to correct major flaws. So when news surfaced that Disney ordered reshoots for Rogue One, there were concerns that a patch-up job was being undertaken following an early screening.

But rather than patch up, Disney is meticulously polishing a project that's living up to some major expectations. According to Deadline, the reshoots are a result of Rogue One "lacking the edge" of The Force Awakens, with that edge resulting in a $2 billion success story.

'Tone Matters'

The rebels in 'Rogue One' (Credit: Disney)
The rebels in 'Rogue One' (Credit: Disney)

Part of the allure of the Star Wars franchise has always been the careful balance between darker moments and humor, with the latter creating a lighter tone. Considering Rogue One leads up to the original Star Wars (1977), calibrating the two together is important.

And while we know Rogue One will lead on to George Lucas's esteemed Episode IV THR journalist Borys Kit revealed that the link between the two films is essentially as close as it can get. He Tweeted:

While also revealing the incentive to spend several weeks reshooting:

An Important Cameo

Although fine tuning is to be expected, Variety reporter Justin Kroll also revealed further motivation which in itself is highly exciting. His Tweet explains the reshoots involved an important cameo:

Working on a project set deep within the Star Wars universe throws up a lot of exciting opportunities, with the cameo in question expected to be Han Solo, introducing Alden Ehrenreich's youthful version of the character before his own solo Solo project in 2018's Han Solo anthology film.

Another possibility is Princess Leia; in terms of the characters from the original, Leia is the common link between events, as she is in possession of the Death Star plans when she is captured by Darth Vader at the beginning of A New Hope.

On the dark side, Birth. Movies. Death has previously reported that the iconic masked Sith Lord Darth Vader will also make an appearance, suggesting that he will be pulling the villainous strings behind the scenes.

Rogue One ushers in a new era of stand alone anthology films, with the weight of Alderaan resting on director Gareth Edwards shoulders. Featuring Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, the film will focus on the group of rebel fighters who plot to steal the plans for the Death Star, leading up to events in the original 1977 classic.

Despite the last minute adjustments, the release date for Star Wars: Rogue One is still December 16, 2016.

What famous character would you most like to see cameo in Rogue One?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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