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Now, with Spider-Man having finally returned to the warm embrace of his Marvel comic book contemporaries in the recently released Captain America: Civil War, and set to return in 2017 in his own solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, it's fair to say that things are looking up for the web-slinger on the cinematic front. Pondering Spidey's future movie endeavors, though, inevitably brings to mind the past Spider-films that didn't ever quite manage to see the light of day. Movies like, for instance, the ill-fated Spider-Man 4.

With script issues and apparent studio interference ultimately forcing original Spider-Trilogy director Sam Raimi off the project, Spider-Man 4 didn't quite make it onto our screens — and was instead replaced by the Amazing Spider-Man reboot series. That, though, doesn't mean that some elements of the Spider-Man movie we would have seen under Raimi's direction haven't survived. In fact...

These Spider-Man 4 Storyboards Tell Us A Lot About The Direction The Movie Might Have Gone In

Created by long-time Raimi collaborator (and acclaimed illustrator) Jeffrey Henderson, the storyboards below tell us a whole lot about what we could have seen in Spider-Man 4, had it actually come to be. For instance...

We Almost Saw The Vulture Take To The Skies

Which, with Michael Keaton having recently been rumored to be playing the villain — a rumor that was later refuted, then reconfirmed — could yet be something that we'll see in Marvel's take on the web-slinger, too.

Whether the folks working on Spider-Man: Homecoming would be inclined to retain the villain's original look to the same degree as Henderson's designs, though, is another matter entirely.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Adrian Toomes's winged villain isn't the only bad guy we almost saw in Spider-Man 4:

We Nearly Got To Watch Spider-Man Tackle Mysterio

In, from the looks of it, distinctly comic book-faithful form (with a side of Spider-capture).

What's more...

It Seems That Felicia Hardy Would Have Had Plenty To Do

Which, with Anne Hathaway having been rumored to be in line for the part, would have made a lot of sense...

...especially considering her apparent role as a (comic book canon-reflecting) romantic interest for Spidey:

What's perhaps even more intriguing though, is the implication that she might also have transitioned within the movie into her comic book alter ego, The Black Cat — a role strikingly similar to Hathaway's eventual role as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

In another reality, the early 2010s could have seen a very different superhero-shaped cinematic landscape, it seems — and Spider-Man: Homecoming could have a very different (and more limited) set of previously unseen villains to choose from.

Living only in the reality we currently do, though, it's great to know that there are still some fragments of what might have been out there, thanks to the talented likes of Jeffrey Henderson.

The big question now, though:

What do YOU think?


Would you have liked to have seen Spider-Man 4 make it to the big screen?

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