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Oh Barry, what have you done?! This was the thought on many a viewer's mind after Barry's choice to save his mother in The Flash finale sent the CW shows spiraling into an uncertain new timeline. The repercussions of Barry's decision are sure to echo out in huge ways, both in Season 3 and in the other shows. And yet, as shocking as this plot twist was, it wasn't exactly new to comic book fans.

With that big crossover event in December of this year to think about, we have to wonder — will the crossover partially adapt the events of the Flashpoint comic arc?

We don't know anything about the crossover event yet, aside from the fact that it will combine all four of the CW's DC shows: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and now Supergirl as well. Finding a plot to connect all these shows is difficult, but it could be that The Flash finale was the first step on the road to a full adaptation of the Flashpoint comic.

Flashpoint Changed Everything

In the Flashpoint comic, Barry wakes up to find a very different world to the one he remembers. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are leading their two races to war with each other, Thomas Wayne is Batman, Captain Cold is the hero of Central City, and Barry's mother is still alive. Oh, and Barry himself has no powers. Barry comes to suspect Reverse Flash of changing the timeline, but he eventually discovers that it was his own choice to save his mother that caused the Flashpoint paradox.

The repercussions of this crossover arc were huge, as Barry's eventual action to reset the timeline merged several continuities together and lead directly into the Darkseid War arc. Along the way, Barry absorbed the entire Speed Force into himself, and finally defeated Reverse Flash. It's all very action packed and somewhat confusing, and might be the perfect plot for the DCTV crossover event — with a few changes here and there.

Adapting & Altering Flashpoint

Obviously, there are many many elements of the comic Flashpoint that just aren't possible to achieve in the CW shows. Or at least, they seem like they're not possible, but thanks to the existence of Earth-2, they might just happen.

The war between the Atlanteans and Amazonians seems the first thing that's difficult to achieve in the CW multiverse, but The Flash episode "Welcome To Earth-2" confirmed that this version of Barry does actually know both Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and his mother mentioned a visit to Atlantis.

So the war could kick off in Earth-2, with the ensuing conflict echoing across to the other Earths in the multiverse. However, with Aquaman and Wonder Woman being a huge part of the DCEU movies, it seems unlikely that they'll appear in the CW. Moving on then, it might be better to just leave that part of the plot aside.

Right at the end of the arc, Barry attempts to undo his paradox, and in doing so he sees three versions of the timeline. The alternate timelines are actually Earth-13 and Earth-50, and these worlds subsequently merge with Earth-1 (which raises some questions about how the multiverse actually works but there's no way I'm opening that particular can of paradoxes).

Pulling it back to the CW, this might be the perfect opportunity to merge Kara's Earth with Barry's, allowing for Supergirl to be integrated into the wider narrative. This would be an interesting situation to explore in both The Flash and Supergirl, as the populations of each world adjust to the change.

Another big part of Flashpoint is Thomas Wayne replacing his son as Batman. In this continuity, it was Bruce who died instead of Thomas, leaving his father to become the Caped Crusader. Instead of using these characters (which would probably set off those legal rights sirens), The Flash has already done something similar with Oliver Queen's father on Earth-2.

So, if Flashpoint is the plot for the crossover, we could see an Earth-1 version of this plotline, where Barry's alteration to the timeline causes the Green Arrow to be Robert Queen instead. But here's where actual real life time becomes a problem — the big crossover event isn't until December, and we need to see the consequences of Barry's decision at the beginning of each show's new season.

Not Flashpoint, But An Alien War

Instead, the first half of each season might explore the different parts of the Flashpoint arc, like Robert Queen as Green Arrow in Arrow (although that would be a pretty radical change for the show). The crossover could actually show later consequences of the Flashpoint, as Barry attempts to restore the timeline and ends up merging parts of the multiverse.

This could feed into an alien invasion arc, much like the Darkseid War in the comics. But instead of Darkseid's forces, those aliens could be the Thanagarians — the Legends of Tomorrow already left the Earth wide open to attack by this race in their own finale (nice one, Legends), but because of Barry's alterations they could attack even sooner. Which would make for a nice team-up plot for the crossover.

Or none of this could happen! It's almost impossible to try to reconcile the CW plots with the comic versions, and in writing this article I have discovered a new appreciation for all the DCTV writers. Wild speculation aside, we can be certain at least that the next seasons of each show are bound to be awesome, and the crossover even more so.

Do you think the crossover will adapt Flashpoint?


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