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As with almost any massive franchise, the five Twilight movies are bound to stick with the actors involved — for better or for worse. Ever since the blood-thirsty love story wrapped, the two main actors, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have been at the heart of a discussion about how long it would take them to shed their vampire skin and move on to different roles in the movie industry.

Same goes for the rest of the cast, who had so perfectly embraced their roles that it's no surprise they still like to reminisce about their marble skin days. Ashley Greene, who played the clairvoyant Cullen sister Alice, recently talked to E! News about what it was like working on Twilight, and shared a little gossip about crushes on set.

'I Definitely Had A Crush On Jackson'

With all the vampires being so damn attractive, it'd be hard to imagine no one crushing on each other at least a little bit — not including every teenager's favorite couple. Greene fittingly had a little crush on the actor playing her character's partner, Jackson Rathbone.

"I definitely had a crush on Jackson when we first started working together."

But today, she's closer to another member of the immortal fraternity: Kellan Lutz, the hunk who brought Emmett to life. Speaking of staying in touch with the cast, Greene said:

I feel like I see Kellan or Rob the most.

As for the holy union of R-Patz and K-Stew, she says the crew knew way before it was made official, but they always stayed very discreet.

"They were keeping it professional."

Greene Was 'Beyond Happy' To Get The Role Of Alice

The actress also opened up about the tedious process she went through to nab the role. Did you know that she originally auditioned for the part of Bella?

"I originally auditioned for Bella, and then they brought me back in for Alice. And then I had to audition for her like five times. They literally made me sit on pins and needles. Just kind of narrowing it down between me and like a billion girls, and then me and five, and me and two."

Still, she was ecstatic to get to play Alice, and she's talked extensively before about why she thinks audiences took such a liking to the character.

"When I finally got the call, I was beyond happy. I cried."

Who wouldn't love such a career-changing role?

Who's your favorite vampire in the Cullen family?

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