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Within Suzanne Collins's dystopian world, The Hunger Games, death basically forms the entire foundation. The object of the games results in a fight to the death until only one man — or woman — is left standing. With that in mind then, you'd think that we'd grow indifferent to a character's passing as the franchise continues, right?

Ha, don't be stupid. From The Hunger Games to Mockingjay — Part 2, with every cruel move weaved throughout the franchise, our attachment to the humans fighting to overthrow the Capitol only gains momentum. Which, unfortunately for us, means that when someone we love dies in a brutal or heart-wrenching way, we end up feeling like this:

But whose death caused us to curl up in a ball of tear-stained fury the most? Let's take a look.

5. Mags

Which Movie? Catching Fire

The grandma everyone would hope to have, Mags was super selfless (she volunteered in place of Annie, after all) and had a smile which hit you straight in the feels. Then, as if you didn't already know how brilliant she was, she goes and commits the ultimate sacrifice to allow the group a fighting chance. Giving Finnick a loving kiss, she walked to her death, leaving us bawling our eyes out.

4. Finnick Odair

Which Movie? Mockingjay — Part 2

Really? Directly after his beautiful, long-awaited wedding to Annie? REALLY? And Katniss, repeatedly screaming his name, and then Finnick screaming hers?! NOPE. This scene couldn't be more gut-wrenching if it tried.

3. Cinna

Which Movie? Catching Fire

The first sympathetic person Katniss meets in the Capitol, Cinna was lovable from day one. It makes perfect sense then, that his death was the most brutal of all. After making a dress for Katniss's final appearance before the Quarter Quell, one which resembled a Mockingjay — the symbol of the revolution — he's beaten to death as she's forced to watch from behind a glass screen. Lovely!

2. Primrose Everdeen

Which Movie? Mockingjay — Part 2

I know. This was the moment you all started screaming at the screen. What was the point?! Katniss volunteered to save her, then we came to know Primrose as she grew into a strong, inspirational young woman, and then BAM. Bye. Gone. Forever. This scene was bleak and painful AF.

1. Rue

Which Movie? The Hunger Games

The fact that Rue's death remained an overarching symbol all the way through the franchise illustrates how heart-shattering this moment was. An emblem of ultimate innocence, this little girl shouldn't have even been participating, let alone killed in The Hunger Games — overlooked by Katniss as she sang — I just can't. Peeta even painted a picture of her, for crying out loud!

It's all just too much.

Which Hunger Games death made you cry the most?


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