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(Warning: The following contains one mild to moderate SPOILER for the recently released 'Captain America: Civil War.' If you haven't yet seen the movie then feel free to go and do that now, before it leaves theaters forever. Don't worry, we'll wait.)

Now, Marvel Studios' Captain America: Civil War may have long since arrived, taken a look around and promptly conquered the box office, but that doesn't mean that the internet's supplies of intriguing Civil War-related material have been entirely depleted just yet. After all, it takes a whole lot of creative energy to make as engaging and viscerally exciting a movie as Civil War, and much of the behind-the-scenes work tends not to emerge until well after the film's release. Case in point?

This Newly Released Concept Art For Captain America: Civil War Is Gloriously Photorealistic

Created by accomplished artist and concept designer Maciej Kuciara — and arriving via — the impressively realized art above and below seems to illustrate just how close to the final movie some of Civil War's concept art ultimately turned out to be.

What's more, with the scene in question — the assault on Bucky's apartment — having been heavily featured in promotional materials since the very first trailer...'s possible to note just how alike the original artwork is to the finished film. It's also, however, possible to spot a few notable changes. Cap, for instance, wound up wearing his full costume in the final movie version of the scene...

...and Bucky didn't outright shoot the attacking police officers on the big screen:

Those few discrepancies aside, though, it's striking how much of the original artwork survived into the final film... well as just how impressive the strikingly realistic artwork really is:

If that's not enough of Maciej Kuciara's artwork for you, though, then take a look at these impressive depictions of Iron Man. Or, alternatively, head to his site right here.

In the meantime, though...

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