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Michael Bay recently released a teaser hinting that he indeed plans to bring Decepticon leader Megatron back to life in the next Transformers move The Last Knight. Unfortunately, this news isn't exciting anyone. It isn't because Megatron was killed off and resurrected as the much more compelling Galvatron, or that his face looks like he was reconstructed using discarded parts from a walrus.

Fans will always have a thing for Megatron, but he isn't the character that would energize us enough to want to watch another Transformers movie, especially if he's looking like this. Now, had he looked closer to the classic '80s design, then perhaps fans would go nuts. Maybe.

So Who Do We Want To See?

Since we assume this movie will primarily take place somewhere in space — following the events of Transformers: Age of Extinction where Optimus Prime flew to the stars — it would be cool to see the following characters join him in the great void before ultimately returning to Earth.

Ultra Magnus

There is no question that his inclusion in the Transformers Cinematic Universe is long overdue. There are theories that Sentinel Prime may have once been Ultra Magnus, but that isn't, wasn't, and shouldn't be the case. It's time to do justice to this great character, who is as powerful as Optimus and can capably take on any threat.

Rodimus Prime

The only other Prime who's enjoyed screen time, Rodimus has played a vital role in Transformers history. Formerly known as Hot Rod, he rose in the ranks to lead the Autobots to victory against both Unicron and Galvatron when he assumed leadership in the 1986 animated film The Transformers: The Movie.

Since we know Galvatron exists, and was Rodimus Prime's major foe, then why not bring him into the picture?


One of the most popular toys in the Generation 1 era, Astrotrain had the unique talent of being able to transform into both a train and a space shuttle. Often used to transport the Decepticons to and from battle, it would be cool to finally see a live-action version of this character in the next movie.

Thundercracker And Skywarp

Starscream has always had his little crew of jets, his minions that have followed him into battle. If Starscream were to return for The Last Knight, it would be great to see Thundercracker and Skywarp join him.

Spike Witwicky

Some people like to think that Shia LaBeouf's Sam character in the first two Transformers movies was actually Spike. But no! This was not Spike and it would be great to see him finally brought to life and done right. Since Sam is MIA for the foreseeable future, there should be nothing getting in the way (sorry, Mark Wahlberg) of introducing Spike and letting him take his rightful place next to his best buddy Bumblebee.

And Finally, Unicron!

The world-eating threat, born early in the life of the universe, is a huge character to introduce, and the filmmakers would need to proceed with caution. Unicron wants to devour Cybertron, and his story should be told over the course of more that just one movie, because anything less would be a waste of this awesome force. The Last Knight should build up to an encounter with Unicron in the movie that follows it.

Transformers: The Last Knight starring Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, and Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime, hits theater screens on June 23, 2017.

Who do you want to see in the next Transformers movie? Comments below.


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